Thinking Out Loud #11

Time for another Thinking Out Loud!


One. I’ve been on a workout high as of late! Actually this week, I’ve worked out every single day (yes, I know it’s only Thursday, but I’m proud of myself). Legs Monday, Arms Tuesday, Yoga Wednesday (because I couldn’t walk from leg day …) and I’m going to Spin tonight taught by my awesome friend Brooke! P.S. If you’re interested, I wrote about my weight loss/fitness journey in yesterday’s post! 

Yoga Hair

Yoga Hair

Two. Apparently one of the One Direction guys left and OMG THE INTERNET BLEW UP. I, of course, was very judgmental right away but then a thought put it in perspective …


I guess when I think about it in Backstreet Boys terms (I mean, the best day of my life was a Backstreet Boys concert last year), I understand the freak out. Or like when Justin Timberlake starting dating Britney Spears and I tore down the poster of him in my room and stopped listening to NSYNC while my heart mended, but that’s neither here nor there.

Flashback to BSB night!

Flashback to BSB night!

Three. This was on the internets yesterday and is so totally true.


Four. This video that my friend posted on Facebook yesterday about your first time taking pre-workout. This was totally me last Friday (and probably me tomorrow …) I tried to embed the video, but it didn’t work. Silly website!

Five. I haven’t had ONE TINY  SIP of a Dunkin Donuts coffee this week. I’m having withdrawls.


Flashback to a happier time …

Six. I’m so ready for the weekend. This will be my last full weekend off until Ireland (unless I somehow luck out with hours at my part-time job), so I’m excited! Friday night I have plans for sushi with my friend Mary, Saturday I’m meeting my friend Jenn for Mexican food and story time (I haven’t seen her since I moved last July!) and a friend of mine from college might pop in at some point over the weekend. I’m also on a quest to find workout pants that AREN’T SEE-THROUGH WHEN I BEND OVER. Whyyyyy is this so hard? #twss #bootyproblems #stopusinghashtagsinblogposts


Seven. I finally got my airline tickets all figured out and we’ll be in Ireland for TEN DAYS in September! I’m so excited!

And that’s my random thoughts for this Thursday!

Any of you out there freaking out about this Zayn stuff?
What’s a random thought you’re having on this glorious Thursday?


    • Jessie says:

      Yeah, two pair that I have from there are see-through. They are really old, though, so maybe I’ll have to give them another try!

    • Jessie says:

      Hey, thanks! I didn’t make it though – I went to Starbucks today. BUT it wasn’t a coffee-filled drink, just one of their cake batter frapps they have right now. So… I’m pretending that doesn’t count. 😉

  1. Megan says:

    I just heard about the One Direction thing today too! I’m behind on the times & maybe know one song they sing. I don’t quite understand it either but really… I would have probably freaked out if someone from NSync or BSB left too! I’m jealous you go to see BSB in concert too! I was also going to mention Old Navy for yoga pants. And JC Penney (I have two pairs that are a little thicker material).

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