I’m All In!

So, after much deliberation, I decided that I’m going to dive head first in a 24-Day Challenge with AdvoCare!

After last week’s post about my current weight loss/fitness “lifestyle”, my fire has been reignited and I don’t want another summer to come and go where I’m feeling so blah about myself. I’ll also be starting the Tone It Up Bikini Series later this month with my friend/TIU partner (Hi Katie!) and I think the 24-Day Challenge will be the perfect segway to get me over this little speed bump of a plateau.

For the past three or so years that I’ve been consciously trying to lose weight, I always get to this point and can’t seem to get down much further. I stick around the same three pounds and bounce back and forth between them. To be honest, I usually get so fed up after a few weeks (which I’m hitting at this point …) and end up gaining the weight back because it feels like nothing I do works.

I’ve tried the 24-Day Challenge in the past and it didn’t work for me because I wasn’t committed, but I am NOW. It’s an investment (even with my discount as a distributor that I get), but I think it’ll be worth it. I’m starting the challenge on Monday, April 6 with my best friend (and hundreds of other people) and I’m excited to see what happens! If nothing else, I’m hoping it gets me past this plateau and into a better mindset in time for the Bikini Series!


I’ll be making an effort to let you know how things are going and I’m thinking of setting aside a post every week (probably on Wednesdays, since that seems to be when the healthy lifestyle bug hits me and I want to write about it). I hope you’ll be interested! If you’re not, I’ll be back to my normal ramblings about favorites and online dates and Thursday thoughts every other day of the week. 🙂

Have you ever done anything to push past a plateau? 
Weight loss/fitness aside, do you make an effort to go after what you want, even if it’s scary?


  1. Andrea Nine says:

    You can do it girl!!! I just finished a 3 day cleanse from Beachbody and lost 3.5 lbs in 3 days and felt great! Did it 2 months ago, lost the same and kept it off..I’ll be posting about it next week. this 24 day challenge sounds great, going to follow you and look forward to hearing your results and review!!!! You got this!!!! 🙂

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    • Jessie says:

      Oh, nice! I’ll have to read about your experience. I’m hoping this goes well! I’ve got quite the support system, so that’s helpful! That’s why I love AdvoCare and Tone It Up – I need the support!

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