AdvoCare 24-Day Challenge: Cleanse Phase

I’m finally done with the Cleanse Phase of the AdvoCare 24-Day Challenge!


Just kidding, it wasn’t that bad.

Since I’ve had quite a few of you asking me about the challenge and, to be honest, I’d like to keep track of how it went for me, here is a (lonnnnnnnnnnnnng) review of sorts of the first 10-days. My results will be at the end, so if you get bored reading everything I ate, I won’t hate you if you skim to the bottom. (:

Oh, and since that was only the Cleanse Phase, I still have the Max Phase which is an additional 14-days AND I started the Bikini Series this past Monday. What can I say, I’m all about them challenges this spring. I’ll be writing about the Max Phase as well in a couple of weeks (or maybe I’ll split it up … we’ll see.)


Day 1: Monday
I started this on Monday, April 6.  For some reason I was thinking that the fiber drink was going to be awful, but I just mixed it up in my blender bottle, chugged it and had no issues. I had a long, long day of work (15.5 hours, to be exact) so I didn’t get a workout in. I did find that I was pretty hungry by the end of the night, but that could’ve been because I was so bored at work and not actually hungry.

What I ate:
Breakfast: Fiber drink; 1 egg, some strawberries and some peppers/onions; Spark
Snack: (Large) apple
Lunch: Lean ground turkey with pico de gallo (fresh), tiny bit of avocado, peppers/onions and some grapes
Snack: Celery with all-natural peanuts (literally the ingredients say “peanuts” – ha!); Spark
Dinner: OmegaPlex; Chicken breast, cucumbers and tomatoes and teeny bit of mustard
Snack: Grapes/strawberries
Snack  (probably shouldn’t have had this, but was “starving” so I thought at 11:45 p.m. when I got home): 1 piece of turkey with a pickle
Bedtime: Herbal Cleanse

Workout: N/A – I worked 15.5 hours between both jobs, so that was not happening.

Day 2: Tuesday
I woke up absolutely exhausted (and crabby, to be honest), but I’m about 95% sure that’s from the fact that I got five hours of sleep Monday night – not because of the challenge. Once I finally got home it was almost midnight and it always takes me a bit to wind down from work. It made the morning a bit rough! I wasn’t very hungry, so had to force myself to eat breakfast/a snack.

What I ate:
Breakfast: Fiber drink; Chicken sausage with a tiny bit of egg whites (I hate egg whites, so I barely ate any before I put them back in the fridge); Spark. I really wasn’t hungry, so had to force myself to eat the little bit that I did. I’ve never been a breakfast person, though, so that has nothing to do with the challenge.
Snack: Apple – it was a large apple, but I honestly couldn’t even eat it all. My stomach kind of hurt all morning. Not in a “I’m sick” way, but in a “something’s just not right” way.
Lunch: A pickle (yum), ground turkey, green peppers, pico, tiny bit of avocado and broccoli on the side. I was finally hungry!
Snack: Celery and peanut butter; Spark
Dinner: OmegaPlex; Chicken sausage, grapes and broccoli – P.S. I went to a burger joint and knew I couldn’t eat there, so I ate before and then just hung out with my friends while they ate. I’m glad I ate before, though. Everything looked good!
Snack: Pickle, turkey meat (1 piece) and a couple of random grapes. I was grazing because again, I was starving later at night for some reason
Bedtime: Herbal cleanse; Also, my stomach really started bothering me. TMI but I’ve definitely felt bloated and like things weren’t moving through. I had a stomachache throughout the night.

Workout: Does a one-mile windy walk in heels to our baseball/softball fields for a opening ceremony count? Just kidding, I did about a half hour of treadmill work after working.

Day 3: Wednesday
I woke up not feeling so great. I had a sharp pain on my side early in the morning and finally fell back asleep. I felt VERY bloated and even though I’m going to the bathroom, I feel very “clogged”. TMI – I apologize – but just want to be honest in case anyone is interested in this challenge! I mean, it definitely makes me not want to eat, but that’s not the point of the challenge. I guess I wasn’t expecting a crazy cleanse, but I wasn’t expecting the opposite at this point. I did some research and found out that’s pretty normal. I also texted Michelle about it … a lot. Thanks, Chelle!


What I ate:
Breakfast: Fiber Drink; Spiralized zucchini, an egg and a tiny bit of guacamole. I had to force myself to eat this because I just wasn’t hungry, but it was good.
Snack: Spark;I had to force myself to eat a snack. I felt so full and bloated, but I had strawberries and 1/2 a banana.
Lunch: Chicken sausage, spinach, peas, a pickle and 1/2 a tbsp of holy guacamole
I drank 40 ounces of lemon water in between lunch and snack, mostly because I’m hoping it’ll help with my digestion issue. Plus I found out today that I should push for a gallon of water a day. I get close, but I want to surpass it!
Snack: Carrots with holy guacamole (OMG YUM); Spark a little bit later. I don’t usually drink two per day, but I have during this challenge so far, just because I’m so tired between working long hours and my body detoxifying. I’m going to try to cut back a little next week, just so I don’t get in the habit of “depending” on it.
Dinner: OmegaPlex; Ground turkey, pico de gallo, teeny bit of avocado, small handful of chickpeas and regular peas all mixed together. I also munched on some grapes and randomly had a pickle. Super random, just I kind of like eating a bunch of different things. I was also starving by the time I got home.
Snack: N/A; I was feeling really full
Bedtime: Herbal Cleanse

Workout: None, I was exhausted. I had intended on going, but it didn’t happen.

Day 4: Thursday
WHOA ENERGY. I woke up in the BEST mood and it was great. It’s nice to take a few days off. I’d like to attribute it to a mixture of the challenge and maybe a sweet boy texting me the night prior. (; What can I say! Just being honest.

Plus, NO FIBER DRINK THIS MORNING! *dances* I definitely recommend the Peaches & Cream flavor because it’s easier to take, but yesterday I just think it was way too much fiber and attributed to my bloating. I didn’t feel as cranky or bloated on this day. While I still would say I was still a tiny bit bloated, it definitely wasn’t as bad or as uncomfortable. I’m hoping it’ll continue to get better. Today was another long day of 15-hours of work.

What I ate:
Pre-breakfast: Probiotic
Breakfast: Spark; Spiralized zucchini, one over-easy egg and a couple of grapes. I really had to force myself to eat – again, pretty normal for me in the morning.
Snack: 1/2 a banana and a couple of strawberries. My strawberries were nasty, though, so I was pretty hungry come lunch time because I barely ate any.
Lunch: Chicken sausage, handful of chickpeas (I’m talkin’ like 6 little chickpeas), a pickle, tiny bit of guacamole and some peas.
Snack: Spark; Celery with two tablespoons of all-natural peanut butter
Dinner: OmegaPlex; Ground turkey meat, broccoli, tiny bit of guacamole and pico de gallo
Bedtime: Herbal Cleanse

Workout: None. I wish I could’ve – I had so much energy – but I worked ALL day and ALL night.

Day 5: Friday
Friday was a good day! I had the day off, so I slept in a tiny bit and had enough energy to go to a spin class – a hard one at that! It was a wonderful day – the best so far this April!

What I ate:
Pre-breakfast: Probiotic
Breakfast: Egg white, pico, turkey sausage; Spark
Snack: Banana and chocolate Zico water (much needed after spin!)
Lunch: Chicken and peas
Snack: 100 cal pack of guacamole and carrots
Dinner: OmegaPlex; Tilapia, pico, sauteed spinach and a few chickpeas
Snack: Strawberries and a pickle while meal prepping
Bedtime: Herbal Cleanse

Workout: 45-minute spin class! Burned 492 calories. (:

Day 6: Saturday
This was going to be a long day of work/travel/friend time, but I had plenty of energy and felt great! I felt really slim, too!

What I ate:
Pre-breakfast: Probiotic
Breakfast: Spark; 1 fried egg, tiny bit of guac and handful of raspberries
Lunch: Spinach salad with chickpeas, pickle, turkey meat, pico, chia seeds with lemon juice. Either I was starving, or I’m actually starting to like healthy food, because I loved this.
Snack: Spark, almonds and 1/2 a banana with some strawberries (this was throughout the afternoon. I had the Spark and fruit on my way to Milwaukee, and then ate the almonds before my walk with Saige)
Dinner: Chipotle salad – Lettuce, fajita veggies, chicken, pico, green salsa and guac. YUM. I think I actually like it better without the rice!
Snack: OmegaPlex – whoops. I forgot to take it earlier, so I took it later in the night. Took Herbal Cleanse before bed.

Workout: 1.5 hour walk with Saige around a very hilly neighborhood in Wauwatosa!

Day 7: Sunday
I didn’t have much sleep on Saturday night, but I woke up feeling okay. Once my Spark kicked in, at least. I started out late and I wasn’t super hungry, so my meals are a little all over the place.

What I ate:
Pre-breakfast: Probiotic
Breakfast: Spark; Egg whites, chicken, avocado
Late Lunch: Chipotle salad (same as above)
Spark on my drive home (probably too late – I had trouble falling asleep later that night)
Dinner: OmegaPlex; Chicken sausage, few strawberries, roasted veggies and a pickle
Bedtime: Herbal Cleanse

Workout: 1 hour walk with Katie and Coop (her pup) before lunch!

Day 8: Monday
Rough morning for me! After only five hours of sleep on Saturday night and then restless sleep on Sunday night, I was feeling it in the morning. I made myself a smoothie but I thought it tasted like poop, so I didn’t drink it. Plus, I wasn’t hungry. Another long day of work for me! I’m a bit disappointed because I didn’t get up for my workout this morning (and can’t workout later because I work until 11 p.m.), but that’s okay. Starting the Tone It Up Bikini Series today! I struggled with water intake earlier in the day, too. BUT I will say I took my before pictures for the bikini series this morning, and I look way slimmer than just last week at this time!

What I ate:
Pre-breakfast: Probiotic
Breakfast: Spark and fiber drink. I tried to drink my smoothie but only got about one gulp down. Not hungry and I don’t like it.
Snack: Apple
Lunch: Lean turkey meat with peppers and onions mixed with a tiny bit of guac. Had about a half cup of strawberries on the side. I felt full for about an hour and then was hungry again. Of course, my new Love with Food box came and while the stuff is healthy, I feel like I should at least wait until the cleanse is over. My snack may be happening before 3 today.
Snack: Carrots & 100 cal pack of guacamole
Snack: (I ate dinner really late because I was at work) one serving almonds
Dinner: OmegaPlex; Chipotle salad (same as above). Thank GOD my sister came and saved me! I brought food with me but I took one smell of it and couldn’t eat it. I accidentally must’ve put the pre-portioned food back in my fridge after it sat in my warm car all weekend. No, Jessie.

Workout: None. I was so exhausted in the morning on Monday that I went back to bed. I worked until 11:30, so no workout after that.

Day 9: Tuesday
Man, oh man I am TIRED. Struggled getting up again this morning because I didn’t get home until the night before until 11:30 p.m. and then had to shower and do all those boring things. Started waking up after breakfast and some Spark, but definitely need an early bedtime! I did have a little bit of bloating again, too, which sucks only because I like looking slim, haha! That was the best part! I think the fiber drink and I just don’t get along, but my best friend Michelle (who is doing the challenge with me) loves the drink and thinks it’s helps her the most! We’ll see how I feel when I check-in on Thursday morning.

What I ate:
Pre-breakfast: Pro-biotic
Breakfast: Fiber drink; a medium banana with peanut butter slathered on it and some Spark. My stomach is feeling a little wonky, but I honestly think my body doesn’t love that dang fiber drink.
Snack: Apple
Lunch: Ground turkey with peppers, onions and a tbsp of guacamole
Snack: My coworker put a plate of cookies outside of my office because he thought it was funny that I can’t eat them. NOT COOL.
Snack: Pickle before my walk (I don’t know what it is with me and pickles …)
Dinner: I was STARVING by the time I got home from my walk and went a little nuts throughout the night. I had two chicken sausages, tiny bit of ketchup (which isn’t allowed – whoops), tiny bit of guac and some veggies. I also had about a cup of strawberries.
Snack: I was still hungry, so I made myself a small smoothie with cocoa powder, almond milk, 1 heaping tbsp of peanut butter and half a frozen banana. It was awesome, but I had a serious stomachache afterwards – probably from eating so much food throughout the night!

Workout: I took an hour-long walk during my lunch break and got ALL the endorphins. Also did the new TIU Mermaid workout after work and THEN took another hour-long walk. It needs to be nice out all the time.

Day 10: Wednesday
I woke up feeling so refreshed, but wanting to stay in bed forever. I went to bed around 9:30, woke up a bit to do some important texting and then fell back asleep around 10:30. Finally, a night of real sleep! I’m in a really good mood today, though I did still have a slight stomach ache from last night’s late night snack.

What I ate:
Pre-breakfast: Probiotic
Breakfast: Fiber drink & Spark; 3/4 of an egg (I ate most of it and then threw the rest out because I just wasn’t havin’ it) and about five to six strawberries.
Snack: Apple and half a serving of almonds
Lunch: Chicken sausage with peppers and onions
Snack: Spark; Carrots & 100-cal pack of wholy guacamole
Dinner: Ground turkey, fat-free re-fried black beans and tomatoes
Snack: N/A



And here are the results/my thoughts on it overall so far!

  • Weight lost: 3.8 lbs
  • Inches lost: 3.5 inches (mostly from my waist and thighs, actually)
  • How I’m feeling: Absolutely great! I’ll be honest – I was a little nervous I wouldn’t have lost anything, but I’m excited that I’m FINALLY past my silly plateau!

Random, but I had to pee a LOT during this challenge. Not only was I challenging myself to drink at least a gallon of water a day, but I think that’s just part of the cleanse. I also was very exhausted, especially in the beginning. I work a lot, so that’s a part of it, but I definitely was feeling sluggish from the lack of carbs and sugar that I usually give my body. Pretty normal when you start a healthy diet or lifestyle, though!

I think there are a few things I could’ve done better including not having Chipotle three times (though I did read in multiple places that it was fine) and being a bit more careful with sodium. Overall, I’m pretty proud of myself for how well I’ve done. Yay, me!

Linking up with Amanda for another Thinking Out Loud – I definitely had a LOT of thoughts!!

In the comments let me know if you have any questions or would like to share some ways you’ve tried to get into the healthy swing of things. I’d love to hear about it!


    • Jessie says:

      Thanks, Jordyn! For me, it was just the reset I needed. I’m feeling amazing – not even talking about weight lost. I feel motivated, inspired and just in a better mood in general. Plus, I’ve had less headaches, which is almost impossible for me in the Spring with everything blooming! I really wanted to kick myself into gear this spring and get ready for the Tone It Up bikini series, and I’m loving it so far! 🙂

  1. Megan says:

    Thanks for sharing! I was also thinking that the fiber drink would cause stomach issues, especially if you’re eating a lot of fruit/veggies on top of it. Is it required? Fiber does weird things to me too so I feel for ya!! I know I’ve said this before but group fitness classes are amazing for helping with weight loss, like your spin class! I imagine the Tone It Up workouts are good too, I’ve only heard about them but never actually tried one. I’m excited to find out how the rest of the challenge goes for you!

    • Jessie says:

      Yeah, it’s definitely a lot of fiber. I hated it at first, but now that it’s done, I think it helped. It is technically required during the first 3 days and the last 3 days of the cleanse. They have a new fiber alternative coming out soon (or maybe it’s out now??) instead of the drink for future challenges! I’m sure there’s others that have issues with fiber that could work around it. And I’m trying to get back into the group fitness world! Right now it’s just spin for me, but we’ll see if I can talk myself into going to some more classes.

    • Jessie says:

      Thank you! I am pretty proud of myself. I’ve officially hit the “I’ve lost 30lbs total” mark and that’s pretty exciting. I’m excited to see what the next two weeks bring!

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