Weekend Recap #8

Happy Monday! It’s been a bit of an all over the place weekend, so please don’t mind the randomness. Linking up with Katie!

Friday ended up warming up quite a bit and I was quite busy running around campus all day. I had an event on Saturday, so I spent the morning buying food and getting my truck all set up for the next day. I then spent the afternoon running around and helping a co-worker with her event. By the time 4:30 hit, I was ready to leave and take a walk. And take a walk I did – a 5-miler!

Fox River Trail

The rest of my Friday was a little weird. I wasn’t feeling well all weekend and got SUPER lonely on Friday night and went a little crazy in the food department. (#hormones) Not cool body, not cool.

Saturday morning I got up, met my friend/coworker Brooke at Nicolet Restaurant for a quick breakfast and then came to our office to get ready for the event. We (read: Brooke because my legs were too short to reach the pedals in the truck/van) drove down to our football stadium for a track event we were helping out with. It was a beautiful day, but BOY was it windy. I’m surprised our tent didn’t fly into the stands.

Schneider Stadium

The rest of Saturday went a little haywire. I was still feeling sick so by the recommendation of my doctor went into Urgent Care only to pay $20 to find out there’s nothing wrong with me. Then I went home, spent some time with my sister and tried to ride my bike and the dang thing broke. >:( I spent the rest of the night in the same mindset at Friday night. I don’t know what was up with me this weekend! Snacking and emotions were all over the place! You’ll see more of that later this week when I have to check in with my AdvoCare cleanse – hopefully I didn’t mess it up too much.

After almost 11-hours of sleep (told you my body was in a funk), I woke up and got ready for work.

Sunday Morning

P.S. Don’t mind that photo above – I need to get some new foundation. Oooooh man!

After a 3.5 hour shift at my gym job, I worked out for about 40-minutes, went to Target quick for a card and stopped at Chipotle. I spent the rest of the afternoon cleaning, chatting with fun people and getting sucked into a YouTube vortex of doom. And now we’re back at it on Monday!

My weekend was a bit of a mash-up, but that’s okay. We’re almost through with April, which means May will be here and I’ll have more weekends without work. YAY! Plus this.


Yep. I know I already used that. I’d expect it at least 200 more times in the next few day.

Tell me a little bit about your weekend! Do you ever go a little crazy in the snack department? 


  1. Megan says:

    YouTube vortex of doom, hahaha. But it can be so entertaining though! I’ve been snacking on sunflower seeds the past week, they are so addicting! This weekend was kind of blah for me but I blame it on the weather because it was cold & rainy all weekend! Boo… Hope you’re having a good Monday so far!

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