Weekend Recap #12

Long time, no blog!

To be completely honest, my only excuse is I haven’t been feeling inspired. I didn’t want to write random crap, so I didn’t blog anything. I’ve had a rough week or so with work and some anxiety issues, so I apologize! I didn’t have much of a weekend, but I still want to let you in on the few things that happened! Linking up with Katie in hopes that I can start having a Marvelous Monday now. 🙂

I left work a little early on Friday to catch Pitch Perfect 2 with my best friend Michelle. The movie was great and I already miss Michelle to pieces. So proud of her for moving to Hawaii and taking her life into her own hands! Super jealous, too. I need to find a good man that’ll take me to an island. 😉 Or just a good man in general … that’d be nice (HEYO).


Throwing this in there even though this was from last week, but WHATEVER. We still look the same. 😉

After a tiny bit of a tearful ride home (don’t tell Michelle …), I hung out with my sister for a few hours before going to bed. Didn’t last for long, though – Jessie needs to turn her phone on do-not-disturb at night. A couple hours later, I finally went to bed.

The next morning I got up for a tiny bit and then took a nap. When I woke up it was GORGEOUS out and I needed some serious “me time”, so I took a two-hour walk around De Pere. It was beautiful.

Fox River

After my walk, I ran a couple of errands and dug through my Love with Food subscription box that came in the mail.

Love with Food

Saturday night I was invited to a bonfire that turned into Jessie drinking too much. I swear, I’ve had more alcohol in the last two weeks than I’ve had in a year it feels like. Ha.

Fire Pit

So another night with little sleep led to a short nap on Sunday morning and then I went in to work at the gym from 2-9 p.m. Last night was not a good night for me anxiety-wise. I had a lot on my mind from the weekend, lack of sleep and stressed out at work led to me having to take a short break in the bathroom trying to regain my composure. Ever had to talk yourself out of a panic attack? It’s a true technique, that’s for sure. Luckily my sister brought over some Qdoba for me for dinner so I was distracted for awhile.

After work I went home, had two cookies (yummmmm) and off to bed for me because I had a 3:50 a.m. wake-up call this morning. Yep. Closed the gym last night, opened it this morning. And now I’m at my full-time job with my headphones in, jamming to some tunes. This girl just needs some serious sleep and for boys to be nice to me. Mmkay?

Fake Smile

Just gotta make it through today and then I’m hoping to either go to the gym to get out some frustration or just go straight to bed. Can’t wait until 4:30 p.m.!

Tell me something fun about your weekend!
How do you get out of a blogging rut?


  1. Katie says:

    I’m in a serious blogging rut right now. I’ve got ideas for posts, but can’t get my fingers to type them out. With my parent’s business selling I’m writing lots of cover letters, and job searching is a bummer! This weekend I was supposed to hang with a boy, but he cancelled due to being tired….which was legit as he’s a high school ultimate coach, and I know how tired I am after coaching dance, but it was still a kick to the ego.
    Katie recently posted…Chance Chat #20: FailureMy Profile

    • Jessie says:

      Aw, man! I get where you’re coming from – that would be a blow to the ego even though I’m sure he was tired. Still sucks when you’re looking forward to it! Good luck with all the job searching!!

  2. Jordyn says:

    I rarely experience blogging ruts (it’s sort of my therapy from the rest of the stress of the world) but I think it’s best when you’re experiencing a rut with anything to take a necessary break and re approach it with fresh new eyes. It looks like you had a nice weekend, bonfires are always so great!!
    Jordyn recently posted…Blondes have More Fun!My Profile

    • Jessie says:

      I think I’m still a little nervous to “fully” put myself out there when it comes to blogging, so when I’m anxious instead of using this awesome platform, I recede from it because I don’t want “someone to read it”. Something I need to get over, because getting it out always feels so much better!

    • Jessie says:

      Oh my gosh, you should see it! They’re super funny. I was cry-laughing in the theater during PP2. I will be honest and say I didn’t watch the first one until a few months ago when I was dating a guy that loved the movie and he made me watch it, ha!

  3. Megan says:

    Oh wow, closed the gym, opened the gym & then to your full time job?! I would have passed out during work so hopefully you are getting some sleep tonight! I hope this week gets better for you (sounds like someone needs to maybe kick some of those boys too…)!
    Megan recently posted…lazy weekend.My Profile

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