15 of my Favorite Feelings

I saw this video on Essie Button’s channel yesterday and wanted to jump on that! You can watch it here if you’re interested. Linking up with Heather!

So here are 15 of my favorite feelings!

15 of my Favorite Feelings

^^ Someone got a little excited with PicMonkey again ^^

1) Taking my pants/leggings/tights off (if I’m wearing any #allthedresses) when I get home. If I could walk around with no pants on all the time, I totally would.

2) Eating something you’ve been craving forEVER.

3) Giving someone something that they really want or remembering something and asking them about it and they really appreciate that you remembered. Does that make sense? I really try to be as observant as possible and try to truly listen to people because I love making someone feel important.

4) Seeing puppies. Anywhere. My voice goes up an octave, I can’t control my hands and my stomach flips. I think I’m more in love with puppies than I’ve ever been with a man.

5) That feeling of letting go of all of my worries while taking a long walk outside in warm weather by a lake or river. I’m definitely a water baby. It makes me feel so centered and happy.

6) The exciting feeling I get when someone I really like texts me or calls me or spends time with me. I’m such a lover of love (I know, barf city) and I love the feeling of butterflies.

7) The feeling after a really good lifting session or hard spin class where I’m almost dead, but feel SO accomplished.

8) Someone rubbing my back and neck. Seriously … you could probably get away with murder if you gave me a back rub every night.

9) Going a long with the workout one for #7 – the feeling of a good shower after a hard workout. Yes, please!

10) Really good and true laughing. If you can get me to cry laugh or snort, props to you. 🙂

11) A special chat with a girl friend. I have some very funny, intelligent and caring friends but unfortunately I don’t get to see most of them very often. So when I do and we can really get in a true heart-to-heart, I feel so much happiness. And I’ll probably cry at least once in the conversation. Let’s be real.

12) This one might seem weird, but sometimes a good cry when you’re feeling awful can help me recharge. Sometimes I just need to get the emotions out!

13) Watching someone I care about go through a very important time in their life. When my sister got baptized earlier this year, I cried. When my friend Saige got a job that she so much deserved, I cried. When my best friend moved to Charleston for school and now moved to Hawaii, I cried. Okay, so maybe I just cry a lot, but I feel so proud!

14) Waking up (with no alarm) after a really good sleep. It’s so refreshing!

15) Cuddling up on the couch with someone you care about and feeling warm, protected and just content. I’m all about that and look forward to having this feeling again someday. 🙂

What is one of your favorite feelings?


  1. Jamie says:

    Love this post. Lots of reasons to smile : ) My favorite feelings is ice water after a long, hot run. So amazing. That, and being woken up by my crazy pup in the morning with a lick on my face ! Hope you have a fabulous Friday!
    Jamie recently posted…Five Friday Favorites 6/5My Profile

  2. Megan says:

    #1 and #4 – yes! Especially number one. You won’t see me wearing jeans at home, haha. This was a fun post! I think one of my favorites is leaving work at 5 on a Friday!

    • Jessie says:

      Haha yes!! Leaving work on Friday is spectacular, especially if I have the whole weekend off – like this weekend! I’m glad you liked the post! I watched Essie’s video yesterday and I loved it. 🙂

  3. Jessie says:

    Same name – and so many of the same favorite feelings. It’s almost like were the same person 🙂 Lol

    In all seriousness though – I love the feeling when showering after a sweaty workout. It’s so refreshing.
    Jessie recently posted…MIMM: It Feels Good To Be BackMy Profile

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