Friday Favorites: Packers & Potter

It’s Friday – woohoo! Now if only Wisconsin would stop acting like it’s Fall and bring back the summer weather … Linking up with Heather!

My first favorite is the fact that I work a half day today and have the whole weekend off. What does that even mean?! I’m going to go to the gym, have a phone date with my Hawaii bestie and then go to dinner with my friend Gina tonight. Yay!



My second favorite is Dunkin Donut’s Rocky Road Iced Coffee … but I need to stop buying these. I get a shipment of my AdvoCare Spark in tomorrow, so no more after that unless it’s a treat!


^^ Sneak peak of the next favorite … ^^

Third favorite of the day is my new Harry Potter Packer shirt! So far no one in my office has gotten the reference, but I don’t care.

Patronus Packer

I went in by my coworker Brooke and said, “My selfie game is not on point today. Can you take a picture for my blog?” So she took about 10,000 before I realized what she was doing.

Next favorite is this cake!

Chipotle Cake

If I ever con someone into marrying me, this is totally going to be our wedding cake.

And finally, to keep with the Harry Potter theme:


Hope you all are having a fabulous Friday! And please tell me that you understand the reference my shirt is making …


  1. Megan says:

    Okay, so I don’t get the shirt…… but I’ve also never seen HP. :/ Sooo.. what does it mean? Hahah. I am loving that cake also! What an awesome idea! Have a wonderful weekend!

    • Jessie says:

      Ha! It’s hard to explain without seeing the movie, but long story short … a patronus is basically a “spirit animal” so I’m saying mine is a Packer. 😉

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