That one time I fell off the wagon …

Oh man, do I have trouble staying on the healthy wagon sometimes. Anyone else out there with me? I will say that I’ve lost about 30 lbs in the past three years, but I’ve still got some work to do. I was down about 35 a few weeks ago, and ended up gaining it all back due to lack of workouts, increased alcohol (patio season!) and too many lunches out.
Falling off the wagon

In a way to keep myself more accountable, I’m going to talk about workouts and things I’ve done to make myself healthy in the past week! I’d love to hear what keeps you motivated, so feel free to join in in the comments. 🙂

Workin’ on my fitness

Wednesday: 30-minute walk over sacred hour; 1-hour walk after work
Thursday: Nothing
Friday: 1-hour walk
Saturday: 30-minute walk around the lake at my family reunion
Sunday: 40-minutes of arms/shoulders
Monday: Nothing
Tuesday: 1-hour walk
Wednesday: So far today I took a spin class this morning! You know how much I love cycling. 

To be honest, after writing that out, I worked out more than I had thought. Granted, a lot of those are walks, but at least I’m being active! The food part is my issue.

All the foods

The food last week was a challenge. I have been having more alcohol than normal (meaning I normally don’t drink at all, but now patio season has started and so have the vodka lemonades and margaritas …) and for some reason I’ve picked up the soda habit again. I’ve been working hard on cutting out the soda, incorporating more water and trying to cut down the coffee. I had a coffee this morning, only because it was my “treat” for getting my butt up at 5:15 a.m. for spin. Not something I intend on doing a lot! My goal this week is to make better choices, incorporate more fruit and veggies and try to stay away from the candy dish in the office … Oh, and MORE WATER.

Starting weight: 137.2 lbs
Goal weight: 125 lbs.

What are some ways you keep yourself motivated?
What’s your favorite workout or healthy recipe? The food part is definitely my downfall!


    • Jessie says:

      Thanks, lady! I’ve been loving following yours as well! I think telling people about it (especially in blog form) is a great way to stay motivated. 🙂

  1. Megan says:

    Starting out slow is really kind of the way to go otherwise you’ll end up getting burnt out if you just completely dive into it! But I am so with you on the whole summer=drinking thing. I could sit around outside all day & just drink summer shandy. I think taking pictures helps with progress & making sure you stay on track. As for a recipe… do you like peanut butter and/or oatmeal? I make my own protein bars which have been my daily breakfast for almost two years now! I could send it to you if you want it!

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