Fourth of July Weekend!

Is it just me or are Mondays after a long weekend even harder than normal Mondays? I’ve already had two pep talks for myself this morning and it’s only 9 a.m. Phew, here we go! Linking up with Katie for another marvelous Monday!

My weekend started off last Thursday because I took the day off – best decision ever. I didn’t have anything planned, but it was so nice to just have an extra day. I woke up late, watched some YouTube videos, found some cool things on Pinterest

Pinterest find

^^ My life story ^^

I also ran over to TJ Maxx to pick up some workout pants because all of mine are super old and half of them are partially see-through. Since I’ve been putting in more leg days (with deadlifts … where you bend over …) than playing around on the elliptical so I figured it was time to stop worrying about how much of my bootay is showing.

After TJ Maxx, I headed back home and got ready for the gym. I wanted to take a cardio kickboxing class that I can never take because it’s at 4:30 (I work until 4:30 at my FT job) and it kicked my butt! I thought I was coordinated – I am not.

Thursday Workout

After kickboxing, I went home, showered and ate before getting ready to meet some college friends out at a local bar. I’m on the 10-Day cleanse so no drinking for me (though I totally botched that on Friday/Saturday …), but it was fun to see everyone! I bought some pretty funky leggings and was made fun of (twice) for how crazy they were but I honestly don’t care. Give me leggings and an oversized t-shirt any day and I’m happy!

New Leggings

As you can see I was even questioning them at first.

Friday morning I got up, talked on the phone with one of my favorites for TWO HOURS and then headed into the gym for a spin class at noon. After spin I got ready and went and saw Magic Mike XXL with my friend Lauren.

New shirt

We went and got a sangria at Hagemeister after the movie, then got sushi (I know, I messed up my cleanse) and then headed home for the night. We were going to go out later, but ended up not which is probably for the better!

Since the gym was closed on Saturday, I took it upon myself to take an hour-long walk out on the trail. It was so beautiful out and I definitely was not the only one utilizing the trail (and the river) for the fourth of July!

Beautiful trail

Around 3, Lauren picked me up and we headed to the downtown riverwalk area for the fourth of July festivities. We ended up running into my friend Nicole quick, otherwise we just bummed around looking at the food carts and people watching. We decided to leave for a bit to get dinner away from the hustle and bustle, but then came back. I ended up having three sangrias throughout the night as well as a pepsi (all off plan) and I paid for it. My stomach hurt SO BAD after all those bubbles later in the night. We stayed for the fireworks, did some more people watching and then finally went home early because we both just weren’t feeling it. It was still a fun day/night, though!

Lauren and me

Sunday I slept in a bit (basically my entire time off) and headed back to the gym! I was very excited.

Gym Selfie

It was pretty dead so I was able to roam around the weights section by myself to figure things out. I ended up playing around with the squat rack, so now I won’t look like an idiot when I want to use it when people are around. It was a pretty successful workout! Afterwards I headed to Chipotle, Complete Nutrition for some Quest bars and then back home to get ready. I ended up going up north to hang out with my dad for a bit to do some Ireland planning and got to deal with the “shacker” traffic on the way home. Luckily I know backroads! (P.S. Shackers are the loving nickname we give to those that come up north for holidays and take over my tiny hometown. Basically their “weekend shacks” are bigger than our houses. Hence the name shackers.)

I spent the rest of the night getting some stuff done and worrying about all the planning I have yet to do for work! Leave it to me to worry away my weekend. (:

What did you do for your weekend?
Anyone else have beautiful weather?


  1. Megan says:

    Sounds like a great weekend! I love being able to go to classes I don’t normally get to go to during the week. My gym doesn’t offer kickboxing & I miss it SO much! 🙁 How was Magic Mike??! I kind of want to see it!

    • Jessie says:

      That was the first time I’ve taken kickboxing and it was so fun! Magic Mike was … interesting. (: I’d totally see it again, but just beware that there’s absolutely no plot. BUT seeing Channing Tatum dance is worth it in my opinion.

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