Workout Wednesday #3

Whew, what a week of workouts. I was on the workout TRAIN last week. It’s helpful that I had four days off so I was able to focus on it more, but still! Here is what I did last week in the gym.

Before workout

Workin’ on my fitness

Wednesday: About an hour of random leg workouts (kettlebell, deadlifts, leg press, stair master, etc.)
Thursday: 25-minutes of arms/shoulders; 50-minute cardio kickboxing class (HOLY CRAP)
Friday: 1-hour spin class
Saturday: 1-hour walk down the trail (gym was closed for the holiday)
Sunday: Legs! Deadlifts, kettlebell stuff, leg press and I even tried out the squat rack – thankful for an empty gym
Monday: Rest day aka The Bachelorette was on and I didn’t want to miss it. (:
Tuesday: Apparently another rest day, unless you count crying while watching the Backstreet Boys movie on Netflix a “workout”

After workout

All the foods

Food went “pretty” well this past week – better than most weeks. Since I’m on the 10-Day Cleanse from AdvoCare, (which P.S. I’m LOVING – done on Thursday – let me know if you want any info!) I had to be good. Now, I won’t lie. I “cheated” twice – Friday night I had a sangria and two sushi rolls and Saturday I had three sangrias. You’re not supposed to have those things on the cleanse and I do think it messed with me a teeny bit, but it was the fourth of July … I was on a patio … I CAN’T HELP IT!

10-Day Cleanse

For the most part, my meals have looked like this – lottttts of freshly made pico (and Chipotle or Quest bars when I’m tired of ground turkey).

I will say I paid DEARLY for those sangrias (and a pepsi) on Saturday, though. I’m guessing it was the bubbles, but my stomach bloated up like a balloon and it hurt SO BAD. I haven’t had that issue in a really long time because I’ve cut out most dairy and soy in my diet (which is normally what affects me) so now I’m guessing the bubbles don’t help either – especially when I wasn’t drinking much water.


I’m probably going to regret putting this on the internets, but few people believe me when I say I bloat that much. In fact, I made my friend Saige touch my stomach once when that happened because I wanted SOMEONE to understand that my body hates me. Thankfully when I woke up the next morning, the bloating had gone away and my stomach was no longer stabbing me with knives.

Let’s be real, now. I’m so sick of ground turkey and chicken and it’s not even funny. I need to start experimenting a bit more with cooking. Maybe cooking one “fun” meal a week to start out with. I don’t want to cook ALL new meals, because 1) I’m poor and don’t have money for groceries and 2) I’m busy (read: lazy) and don’t have time. I’m thinking I’m going to start with the recipe that Megan sent me the other day – thanks, girl!

Starting weight: 137.2 (mind you, it jumped up to 138.6 last Tuesday when I weighed in for the challenge, so it’s throwing me off – that’s why I should only weigh myself once a week)
Current weight: 135.2 as of today – will weigh myself again on Friday to see how the challenge went
Goal weight: 125

What’s your favorite workout?
Favorite healthy meal that’s also good tasting?


  1. Megan says:

    Oh my gosh, I am so with you on the stomach thing & feel like I look pregnant sometimes! But then it goes away the next day (until I drink water, haha). I don’t know what to do about.. maybe some people are just prone to bloat more easily? I hope the bars turn out for you!

    • Jessie says:

      Does yours hurt, too? It’s the worst! Mine isn’t from water, though. I think there’s a few things that do it to me (too much soy, too much “bubbly” things) but I can’t quite pinpoint it. And you’re totally right – some people do just bloat easier. Yay for us?

  2. Liz says:

    Wow, you did work out a bunch! I love days off! It’s so much easier to have gym time with days off! My belly bloats like that too! I had a coworker try to convince me the other day that I was showing at 5.5 weeks pregnant! I was so annoyed when I tried to tell her it’s just because I had just had lunch and she was like, “No, your belly is usually so flat! That’s the baby.” Um, crazy person. I am NOT showing at 5.5 weeks. Ugh. It’s definitely certain things for me too. Bread is a huge one and fruit smoothies definitely do it too. I won’t give up the smoothies though. Bread can go. Also, I have the same Color Run shirt! I love that shirt.
    Liz recently posted…Busy Week: New Jobs, Feeling Sick, and Family & Gym Time!My Profile

    • Jessie says:

      I really, really tried! I’m “glad” to hear I’m not the only one with a bloating issue. I mean, I wish none of us had one, but it’s good to know I’m not the only one. And the color run shirt is great! I hadn’t worn it in years, so I figured it was okay to cut up and now I wear it more. 🙂

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