Workout Wednesday #4

Ugh. 🙁

My poor eating finally caught up to me. Just proof that working out really doesn’t do anything for weight loss if your eating habits are awful. I feel bloated, puffy and just not very happy with myself.


Workin’ on my fitness

Wednesday: 45-minutes of cardio (between stairs, treadmill intervals and stairmaster); a little bit of arms/shoulders
Thursday: Legs/butt
Friday: 45-minute spin class; walked the pup later!
Saturday: 30-minute pup walk; running (literally) around Chicago for 2.5 hours and an hour of dancing. Can I count that? And pretend I didn’t drink my weight in alcohol?
Sunday: N/A
Monday: N/A
Tuesday: Legs

All the foods

As soon as the cleanse ended, I went right back into eating crap. To be honest, I ate like crap while I was on the cleanse, too. I need to get on a better program. I think part of the issue is I’m just absolutely sick of plain chicken with veggies or ground turkey mixed with pico. I feel like that’s the only thing that I’ve cooked for myself in weeks. I need to get back into cooking for myself – GOOD food that I’m excited to eat so that I don’t just go to Chipotle or Dairy Queen or Taco Bell or Dunkin Donuts. I’ve been so bad lately! And Chicago this past weekend didn’t help because I drank more alcohol throughout the weekend than I have in months, but the weekend was so much fun.

As you can probably tell, I’m super frustrated with myself but, to be honest, that doesn’t seem to stop me from eating crap. I’ll be thinking, “you shouldn’t eat that …” and I’ll eat it anyway. I’m very frustrated with myself, but I also want to have a fun summer (and life in general) where I can eat things I enjoy. I just have to get better at portion control I guess. I’m feeling pretty down about this today, so hopefully I snap out of it so I don’t continue to gain weight!

How i feel today

^^ Trying to pretend I’m not actually really irritated with myself today.

Starting weight: 137.2
Current weight: 138.0 (that’s up almost 3 lbs from last week)
Goal weight: 125


  1. Annie says:

    Hey Jessie! It’s so difficult to try and eat healthy during the summer because there are so many more social outings and things going on where you want to enjoy all the good food. And not to mention ice cream when it’s hot out! I think it’s important to plan ahead and know that when you have something going on to let yourself enjoy it and drink/eat a little more than usual. Regarding meals — plain chicken and veggies definitely don’t cut it when it comes to taste. I would suggest doing some research for recipes that catch your eye. One of my favorites is throwing in onion, garlic, chicken sausage, tomatoes, sweet potatoes, peppers and mushrooms in a pot. It becomes stew like and it’s great to throw over rice or quinoa. You can add/subtract whatever veggies you enjoy. Hope this helps and stay positive!

    • Jessie says:

      I agree! It’s so difficult. And honestly, planning ahead doesn’t always stop me from picking something up that I like better, BUT it does usually. Love the ideas – thank you! 🙂

  2. Megan says:

    What about making something at home that is similar to what you get at other places? Like, we love pizza but it’s not something you can eat all the time. So, we’ve been making little pizzas at home using Flatout flatbreads with usual pizza toppings. I think Pinterest is a great resource for recipes too & use it all the time. Just an idea! I hear ya though on wanting to be able to enjoy life & not being restricted to certain foods.

    • Jessie says:

      That’s a great idea! I love cooking – for other people. When I lived with my ex, I cooked ALL THE TIME but I hate cooking for myself for some reason. i just need to get back into it!

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