A Lazy Productive Weekend

That title makes sense, huh? (: Linking up with my fave, Katie.

Let’s go alllllll the way back to Thursday since I’m a bad blogger. Last week was insane. I had a huge event in Madison, Wis. on Thursday that I was getting ready for. Once Thursday hit, we packed up our huge SUV and a priest (Ha, but really) and headed down to Mad-town. Of course, I spent hundreds of dollars on a tent/table/chair rental and it absolutely POURED the entire night. Thankfully 65 people still showed up and we held the event in the house. So it ended up working out!

Event time

More event pics

We didn’t get home until 11:45 that night, so Friday morning was a bit rough for me. Thankfully I had a half day, so I left at noon. I went home, took a two hour nap and hung out with this crazy for a few hours.


After enough laziness (and boredom), I headed over to the gym to play around with some of the weights in the weight room. There was probably two people in the entire gym besides me, so it was a fun way to mess around with some stuff. Of course I ended up hurting my back messing around with something, but what else is new.

Saturday I woke up realllllly late (twelve hours of sleep – hell yes!) and decided to have a lazy day. Mind you, that started AFTER a 30-minute stairmaster routine. HOLY CRAP – so sweaty and gross.

Sweaty mess

I got dressed at the gym, ran some errands and then headed out to see Train Wreck by myself. FIRST OF ALL, funny movie. Typical rom-com ending, but funny either way. And I went by myself which was uncomfortable for about 5-minutes and then I remembered that I don’t care (:

After Train Wreck, I headed over to Bonsai for sushi with my friend Lauren and then over to HP for a couple of drinks. We actually had a guy come and talk to us (which never happens), but his way of complimenting was telling me I looked like the killer from Gone Girl and when I looked offended, he said, “WHAT! She’s a hot killer!” HA. Boys.

Sunday was a “productive” day for the most part. I cleaned my apartment, went to lunch (and froyo) with my sister and then edited my first YouTube video!

So that’s cool and embarrassing all wrapped into one. (:

Oh, and an hour-long walk somehow got itself in there, too.


I also thought my outfit was funny. I always wonder why people assume that my favorite color is pink …

Pink outfit

That doesn’t count my pink gym bag, either.

And finally I ended my night with selfies and Harry Potter. (:

selfie time

And now it’s my favorite kind of Monday – the one I have OFF!!! I decided to take the day off to get some Ireland planning done. I slept in until about 8:30, ate some breakfast and am writing this blog. I’m going to either go to the gym for spin at noon or just go in general, then park myself at Starbucks to get some Ireland planning done. If I stay at home, I feel like I won’t get anything done, but who knows! Depends how fast Starbucks’ internets is today. (:

Tell me something about your weekend! Oh, and let me know if you watch my YouTube video! It’s a little awkward, but I love YouTube so much, so I figured I should try it out.


    • Jessie says:

      It was actually at San Damiano Friary right on Lake Monona! It’s a Norbertine owned property (St. Norbert where I work is affiliated with Norbertines) so we had it right there! The view is BEAUTIFUL, but unfortunately we didn’t have much time outside. We did have about 15 minutes with no rain that people went out and took pictures on the lake!

  1. Megan says:

    What a nice guy at the bar… NOT! I would have slapped him. Oh the stair master.
    You reminded me that I need to start using that thing to train for a stair race in February. Nice video too! I think you did great for your first one!

    • Jessie says:

      Right? What a crazy person. Thank you!! I’m glad you watched it. 🙂 I’ve got some work to do, but it was so much fun. Loved it.

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