Workout Wednesday #8

Holy man! What a week it has been. The weather has been kind of gloomy lately, which I’m not happy with. WHY  are people already wishing away summer?? I blame you for the crap weather.

Also, as you’ll see below, I think I’m going to quit with showing my weight (at least online). Granted, I’ll still be weighing myself once a week to notice progress, but I’m honestly getting more and more pissed off with the number going up, then up, then down, then up, then down. It’s driving me nuts because I feel like I’m getting stronger, but my weight isn’t showing that. It’s hard for me to lose weight with my thyroid issues (and well, my love for bad food) so I’m hoping that if I don’t focus completely on weight, maybe that’ll help. I just noticed that I’m working really hard and while I’m not being good with food, I should still be proud of myself for the fact that I can lift heavier.

Plus, to be honest, who the hell wants to put how much they weigh on the internets?

Workin’ on my fitness


Wednesday: 45-minute spin class
Thursday: Lower body workout
Friday: N/A
Saturday: 45-minute spin class; 20-minutes upper body
Sunday: N/A
Monday: 35-minute lower body (this wasn’t my greatest workout because I realized halfway through I forgot my makeup/hair stuff, so I had to run back home before work)
Tuesday: 30 minutes upper body (I really need to figure this out, I just play around with the machines) and 15 minutes of HIIT on the stairmaster

All the foods

Meal prep

Wellllll, I mean I’m either REALLY good or REALLY bad. Unfortunately I’m usually really good for one meal or one day, and then completely destroy it the next day. Awesome. I ate so much crap on Friday, ate Taco Bell and drank alcohol on Saturday and attacked a Qdoba meal on Sunday. So, I guess I can’t be mad with the fact that I gained weight back this week? (who am I kidding, I’m still mad)

I did some meal prepping this week and starting talking with my Tone It Up partner Katie again, so I’m hoping that’ll help me in this department. Sometimes I wish I had a roommate just because I wouldn’t eat like a crazy bingeing person if someone could see it! ha 🙂 So, we’ll try to be better again this week. So far, so good. Then again I’m writing most of this on Monday when I’ve only had my breakfast so far and I ended up eating about 17,000 carbs for dinner.

In other news, have any of you taken a preworkout before? I’m loving C4 lately.


Conclusion for the week: I went up this week and feel a little more lethargic, so gotta work a little hard this week!

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  1. Megan says:

    The only pre-workout I’ve taken was a sample from one of my ProSource orders & I didn’t feel energetic at all. Plus, it tasted like crap too. I’ve looked into C4 but just haven’t ordered it. My eating has been kinda crazy like that too. When I was really trying to lose weight though, I saved all of my “cheat foods” for the weekend & then got back into my regular eating during the week. I imagine it works for some people & others, not so much. I agree with the roommate thing– I felt like I ate WAY better when I had roommates. Now that I live with the fiance, I don’t care if he judges my food choices, haha.
    Megan recently posted…what’s up wednesday.My Profile

    • Jessie says:

      The c4 is actually pretty good – I didn’t mind the taste. It’s expensive, though! I have such a hard time paying for that stuff haha.

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