A quick little update …

Hi! Hi! Remember me! I currently look like this.

Sick Selfie

Thank God for black & white filters. And mascara. And headbands. And drugs.

So I haven’t been around these parts for almost a week, which is crazy. In fact, I’ve been barely active on any social media, really. Last Tuesday I noticed a painful swollen gland in my neck and by the end of the night, I was dealing with an intense sinus migraine. I ended up going to work on Wednesday because I had some fires to put out, but I was in an intense amount of pain. I left at 2 to go to the doctor where they told me I had a double inner ear infection and a sinus infection.


Wednesday night was probably the worst pain I had the entire week. I wanted to go to the hospital just for them to take the pain away, but was convinced that they wouldn’t be able to help. My fever went up to 102 and I couldn’t move my head. I took the day off on Thursday, went in for a half day on Friday (poor choice) and I came home, took a nap, and woke up with almost a 103 fever (mind you, this entire week my fever hasn’t gone below 100 – it’s gone between 100-103 since Wednesday). I went into urgent care where they prescribed me something new and basically just told me to take ibprofen and tylenol. =/

So let’s fast forward to today since my weekend and Monday was just me laying on the couch with a fever, forcing myself to eat. I’m back at work, barely conscious, but I’m here! One of the biggest events that I’ve ever planned happens Sunday-Thursday of next week so I didn’t feel like I could take another day off. Knock on wood, but my fever is down, my headache is gone, but NOW I feel like I have a cold. Maybe it’s all the crap in my sinuses coming out? Hopefully? Yes? My ears are still plugged, I now have a cough and I feel like there’s stuff in my chest now, too.

My Wednesday Workout post is *probably* not going to happen, since I haven’t been at the gym in a week and when I could force myself to eat something, it hasn’t been healthy. I did lose a pound last week, but I’m not proud of it necessarily because it’s probably a mixture of not eating, being dehydrated and not working out. At this moment, I just want to feel better. Let me tell you, I’m never taking my health for granted again. Holy crap a six-day fever + multiple infections truly wipes you out. Unfortunately I still have to work two nights this week at the gym. I only say unfortunately because I feel like I should be taking it as easy as possible, but I can’t just tell them to find someone else. No one could cover, so that’s where I’ll have to be!

In the meantime, if you have any healthy vibes, send them to little old northeastern Wisconsin if you will. I’ve got a week full of move-in events next week, 10 events to prepare for the following week and then I leave for IRELAND. This shit needs to be gone ASAP.

P.S. Never Google when you’re sick.



How has your weekend been?
What do you do when you’re sick? Fevers are ridiculous! 


    • Jessie says:

      Thanks, Megan! I definitely need those vibes. After another rough night and about 95 more prescriptions, I’m starting to feel on the mend. TWO DAYS BED REST, though. How does that even work?!

        • Jessie says:

          Right? Plus the same day I wrote that post I had to go to the ER to be checked for pneaumonia (which I thankfully don’t have), but now I have a upper respiratory virus on top of the infections. I feel like a walking pill bottle! I was on bed rest the last two days. UGH. It’s just the worst timing!

    • Jessie says:

      Thanks, Katie! I’m so worried about getting rid of this before Ireland. Plus, the next two weeks are probably the busiest weeks of my life this year for events …. of course. That would suck so much to get sick in Chile and Bolivia!! 🙁

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