Weekend Recap: I’m almost better!

Oh heyyyyy, blog! I’m alive! More alive than last time!

So after my post last week, I actually ended up going into the emergency room to be checked for pneumonia. Thankfully, no pneumonia, but basically on top of my infections I have a upper respiratory virus that was making it difficult for me. Like OKAY BODY. Let’s literally get four different sicknesses at one time. Overachiever. 

After a late night in the ER, I came out with three new prescriptions to take on top of the prescriptions I’m already taking (I’m a walking pharmacy, I tell you) and a doctor’s note for two days of bed rest. No work. No working out. Bed. Sit. Don’t move, Jessie. SURE OKAY.


Oliver loves bed rest.

So fast forward that fun time and I went back into work for a half day on Friday to get a few things rounded up. Thankfully by Friday my fever had broke (YAYYYYYY after 9 days) and I was just purely exhausted. The rest of my afternoon consisted of naps and Chinese food that I wanted to throw up as soon as I put it in my mouth with my sister.

Saturday I was feeling better and bored out of my mind, so my sister and I went and did a little shopping for stuff I need for Ireland and then had dinner with my mom and cousin. I’ve been having a lot of trouble sleeping the past few nights due to stressing out about work/Ireland, so I’ve been pretty pooped throughout the day.

Today I woke up feeling better for the most part. Now I feel like I have a cold – which I can handle! I bummed around my apartment all day, watched YouTube and made a bunch of lists of stuff I need to do. This week is insane for move-in week on campus that I’m coordinating, I work all weekend and then next week I’m full of events, too. OH, plus I still have to do all my last minute Ireland stuff. And film some YouTube videos because my channel took quite the hit when I’ve been sick for almost 2.5 weeks. And maybe someday I’ll workout again?  🙁

I had to go into work today to get some stuff finished up that I didn’t last week while I was out, plus I had a meeting with our college football team to tell them what to do for this week’s move in process so I went to campus around 5 p.m.

All of my volunteer shirts for the week

All of my volunteer shirts for the week

Oh, and this happened at Starbucks today which pulled me right out of my cranky funk.


Thank you, person that made my day!

So now I’m laying on my couch, trying to convince myself to try to go to bed because tomorrow is gonna be a doozy. Here’s to hoping everything works out well this week and I don’t relapse into sickness! I’m guessing my workout posts are going to continue to take a bit of a hiatus. I miss working out, but my main priority right now is to be healthy in time for Ireland and I’m going to continue to take it easy. I might pop into the steam room or walk on the treadmill one of these days, though! Linking up with Katie. 


How was your weekend?
Have you ever been so sick it’s literally kicked you off your game for weeks? What did you do to get back on?


  1. Jamie says:

    I hope you start feeling better soon! Whenever I am not feeling so great I always eat some form of comfort food every day.. maybe it doesn’t help my body heal any faster, but it sure does taste good !
    Jamie recently posted…Pick Me Up #MIMMMy Profile

  2. Megan says:

    Glad that you are starting to feel somewhat better! I can’t believe you went to the ER too! Yikes! I really can’t remember the last time I was super sick but I usually just try to tough it out whenever I’m not feeling the greatest. Probably not the best idea since a person should rest (so don’t take my advice, haha). Sounds like you’ll have a busy week too so hopefully the cold that you have now doesn’t get worse!
    Megan recently posted…weekend.My Profile

    • Jessie says:

      I’m totally the same usually, but this fever totally knocked me out. I literally couldn’t move, so that kind of stopped me from toughing it out, lol! It’s going to be an insane week – today being the worst. Here we go!!

  3. Jordyn says:

    Oh gosh I’m sorry you have been so sick girl, I’ve definitely been there. I have a pretty weak immune system (not diagnosed or anything I just get minor colds a lot) so I am used to having teeny colds often, however the last time I was REALLY REALLY sick I was bed ridden for 3 weeks and had to miss school and work. I won’t go into the grimy details but it really makes you appreciate solid food and breathing and being able to walk without body aching pain. Yay for being healthy!!!

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