Less than a week until Ireland!

Guys. This popped up on my phone yesterday.

Screen Shot

I’m panicking. Sorta.

I’m SO excited, don’t get me wrong. But what do I pack? How do I pack? What bags do I used? Is my phone unlocked so I can buy a sim card over there? Will they have a GPS available to rent since my travel agent didn’t do that for me? Will I get lost in O’Hare (yes.)? Everyone is telling me my curling wand will explode while I’m over there but HOW AM I SUPPOSED TO SNAG AN IRISH BOYFRIEND IF MY HAIR ISN’T ON POINT?!

^^ You know you love me.^^

Work yesterday was nutso ย and I ended up working 15-hours between both jobs. WOOOOO. ๐Ÿ™‚ Just kidding, it was actually a very productive day. I have an eight-city welcome happy hour tomorrow night that I’m coordinating everything for (so think coordinating my hosts, calling all the restaurants for food, figuring out who is doing what for social media, getting cars, etc.) and I’ll be driving up to Wausau, Wis. for my location. We’ve got almost 225 people registered for the events total, so it should be fun! Then Friday/Saturday is alumni football weekend, which I have about 150 people registered for our tailgate/halftime show on Saturday.ย You know, no big deal.


Allllll the things. All the bags. All the sticks for pennants.

Also, I came home to this last night. I’ve been calling maintenance at my apartment for weeks to fix the AC unit (the filter has been broken all summer) and to replace some light bulbs. He finally came yesterday while I was out, and there is dust/fur/AC dirt ALL over my apartment. My couch. My floor. My sink. AND THEN he replaced *one* light bulb in each of the fixtures that was out of light bulbs. There’s three light bulbs, buddy. I mean. Seriously.

dirty apartment


Ohhhhh yeah. I like this apartment, but management has always been crap. I used to work in apartment leasing/management, so I think that’s why I’m super pissy about it, because I lived in a CRAPPY apartment in Milwaukee, but they never would’ve taken three weeks to fix a filter or left my apartment dirty/not done.

Anyways, time for work! Anyone else ever have apartment issues with maintenance? I feel like I’ve been lucky and this is actually quite normal.ย 

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    • Jessie says:

      Oh my gosh, that’s crazy!! I have been telling people that for ages. I don’t think some people understand how much of a dream come true this is for me. So excited! ๐Ÿ™‚

  1. Liz says:

    I put my phone on airplane mode and leave it there! I connect to WiFi and can iMessage, but for the most part, it’s a pain. You can rent GPS if you rent a car. Also, a lot of times you can download map apps of the country you’re going to (may have to pay), but those connect to satellite and not the internet so you can still use your phone as GPS. I miss having people to change out my stuff at home, like my lights! 3/4 just went out in my bathroom last night and I have no idea why! I mean, my husband will change it, not me, but still. I used to just call maintenance in my apartment and they were GREAT! Have fun in your last week stateside!
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    • Jessie says:

      I’ve had a lot of people tell me that! Maybe it’s not even worth having my phone. My dad and I were slightly worried about getting separated and needing a way to get a hold of each other, but I just can’t imagine that happening anyway. And that’s interesting about the map app thing only using satellites! I didn’t know that. It might be nice to not have my phone on me at all times anyway! Thanks so much, Liz!

  2. Megan says:

    Your job sounds super busy but also super fun! Have you been able to figure out what to do with the hair tools?! I can’t live without my straightener so I would go crazy if I couldn’t use it, haha. I think we have been super lucky with this apartment & haven’t had any major issues. It does take maintenance a day or so to fix things but otherwise, I’ve never had any issues! I definitely like having them around since I’m not very domesticated, haha.
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    • Jessie says:

      I really can’t complain too much! I love it. Sometimes it’s hard because I don’t make much money and politics at a Catholic college are … trying … BUT I just love planning events and going to them! Yeah, I’m a little frustrated with maintenance. I’m glad yours is great for you, though! That’s how it should be. ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. Jordyn says:

    You must be freaking out about your trip, SO EXCITING! When I went to Italy a few summers ago my hair straightener stopped working even though I had an adapter…so that was sad. Maybe yours won’t break though!
    Jordyn recently posted…Surfer GirlsMy Profile

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