Thinking Out Loud #19

I haven’t done a Thinking Out Loud post since June! Crazy to me. Unfortunately for some reason my work’s internet won’t connect to either Running with Spoons or Life in Leggings which OF course are the two link-ups I do. It’s super weird. I can’t even connect to it on my phone when I’m at work unless I turn wifi off! How weird is that?! So linking up with Amanda anyway and I’ll add my link later. 🙂

>So last night I sat in on a WONDERFUL Get Paid to Blog webinar from Helene! I absolutely loved it and it re-ignited my blogging flame. Oliver of course wanted in on the action. I wish I would’ve gotten a picture of him actually watching the webinar because he was for awhile, but when I reached for my phone, he moved.


I also met some awesome bloggers via Twitter and the little chat that was a part of the webinar. One of those is Al from HerBearings who just got back from Ireland and traveled to a bunch of the same places that we’re going next week! I’ve already been picking her brain about what I need.

>The universe did NOT want me to get to work on time today. I woke up early so I could curl my hair because I have an event tonight and everything was going great. I put on my dress, jewelry and some of that awesome Sally Hansen’s Airbrush Legs stuff. I don’t have any food in my house, so I left early-ish to go through McDonalds drive-thru. Well, I got halfway down the street and realized my dress was ripped. Back home I went. As I walked into my apartment, I realized my “airbrushed legs” actually looked like I threw patchy pumpkin spice all over my legs. SERIOUSLY. Orange patches. IN the shower I go. New dress. New jewelry that match said dress. Get to McDonalds by my apartment – line is out on to the street. Drive PAST the college I work at and get McDonalds from other side of town. Drive back to college, parking lot is full. Go to another parking lot and finally find a spot. Only 15 minutes late – hahaha. What a morning.

>I still haven’t packed for my trip. I was supposed to pack last night, butttttt I got distracted with food and phone calls with my dad. Looks like Friday night, Saturday night and Sunday is going to be filled with last minute Ireland stuff. Hopefully I didn’t forget anything big!

>My event today is a happy hour in Wausau, Wis. at the Red Eye Brewing Co. I’m excited! I wish I was going to my Milwaukee location tonight because a few of my friends will be there, but this will be fun to go to a location I’ve never been to. I planned this event in eight locations (De Pere, Madison, Milwaukee, Chicago, Minneapolis, Wausau, Sheboygan and Appleton) and have people going to all of those locations – crazy night! Plus, my rental car is a Chevy Trax, which is the type of car I’ve been really wanting to buy so this will be fun! 🙂


Anyways, that’s my random thoughts for the day! I’m in a super great mood and ready to take on this day.

What’s happening in your life?
Anyone else sit in on Helene’s webinar last night? What did you think?


  1. Megan says:

    The webinar was really interesting! I wish there was a transcript of the chat, it was going so fast & I couldn’t keep up! Would be nice to check out everyone who was there! I signed up for the Amazon program & ShopStyle awhile ago but have never used either one! Did you get the Sally Hansen from Influenster? Mine did the exact same thing! It looked awful :(. Have fun at the event tonight! How awesome that it’s at a brewery!

    • Jessie says:

      You were there, too!! I know, I agree! It was hard to pay attention to both at the same time and the chat did go really fast. I’ve never done either of those programs, I need to figure it out! I didn’t get it from Influenster, just bought it on my own. So many people RAVE about it, but it looks like shit on my skin haha. Thanks, lady!

    • Jessie says:

      Agreed!!! I loved it SO much, I didn’t want to give it back! The only thing I wish it had was heated seats (not that I needed that yesterday) but I’m sure if I do buy one, I could pay to have that put in. I really feel like this particular car I had was the barest of bare bones, and I still loved it!

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