Work + Packing = My Weekend

Morning, friends! I leave today for Milwaukee because I’M LEAVING FOR IRELAND TOMORROW!!!!

I literally can’t even right now.


I’m going to try to pop in and blog once or twice while I’m gone, but no promises. Follow me here for Ireland updates!

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I’m guessing I’ll be the most active on those, if at all. But I’ll definitely recap once I’m back! Anyways, back to the weekend recap – linking up with Katie.

Thursday I had an event in Wausau that ended up going really well! Late night, though, and I was STARVING. And now I officially want a Chevy Trax.

Happy Hour Event

Friday was a crazy day at work, so I have no pictures. I spent the day getting everything closed up from my eight happy hours on Thursday, shopping/setting up for my Saturday event and finishing last minute things because I’ll be on vacation for two weeks.

Saturday morning started out early back at the house I work at to get the van all set up for the tailgate. And let me tell you, it was a SCORCHER. SO HOT. But I had about 145 people show up and they were all so grateful. I finally finished up around 4:30 and headed home to “pack”.

Alumni Football Tailgate

AKA convincing my sister to go to Kroll’s for bad-for-us food and then staring at my suitcases and deciding to learn how to do a waterfall braid instead.

Waterfall braid

Waterfall Braid

I was pretty proud of myself, not gonna lie. (For the braid, not the procrastination of packing.) After all the procrastination, I was tired to so I went to bed.

I got up kind of late on Sunday and continued to procrastinate by doing another waterfall braid (WHAT!! I need to know what I’m doing for Ireland.) and washing all of my blankets and rearranging my bed.

Bed Arrangement

Then my sister came over and forced me to pack.


… and then I convinced her to go eat shit again – BUT LOOK AT THESE BROWNIE TRUFFLES!!!

Brownie Truffles

SO good.

And then Jenny left with Oliver (wahhhhhhh.) and I was stuck here to finish packing. AND I’m mostly done (it’s currently 11 p.m.) Mostly. Like almost. Like … a lot of it. Oh, but I did make time to film and edit a video haha 🙂 Go give it a watch! I like to think I’m slightly entertaining.

Okay, okay, O.K.A.Y. I’m off of social media now. Off to finish packing and cleaning so I’m ready to go! I’m writing this on Sunday night, so if I’m talking in past tense … sorry. Present tense? Future … ? My brain is fried. HI I’M LEAVING FOR IRELAND.

I hope you keep up with me while I’m gone on one or all of my social medias! I still cannot believe that my dream is actually coming true.

Are you a procrastinator when it comes to packing?


  1. Megan says:

    I think I started reading your blog around the time you won the Ireland trip & I can’t believe it’s finally here! I mean, how often does someone WIN a trip!? And to another country of all places! Take LOTS of pictures! I don’t really procrastinate with packing but I do tend to over-pack. Like a weekend trip.. yeah, I’ll have at least five different outfits.
    PS- Love your TJ Maxx haul! I think a lot of things are actually $8 (or close to it) there, haha.
    Megan recently posted…spotify shuffle challenge.My Profile

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