Twenty Questions + some

Hi friends! I saw this wonderful survey-type post on one of my blog favorites, Megan, and decided it would be fun to steal her idea do one, too! 🙂 THEN, I saw that my other blog favorite (and lady with a fabulous name) Jessie did a survey similar to this one. So what did I do? I combined them. 😉 I mean, I have nothing to do at work right now so …

One. Favorite food?
I’m honestly obsessed with chips and salsa. Does that count?

Two. You’ve been handed two free round-trip tickets…who are you taking and where are you going?
Fun fact – this sort of already happened, so I highly doubt it’ll happen again. But if I was lucky to have it happen again, I’d go somewhere warm like Jamaica or Bora Bora and bring one of my girl friends. I could use a nice resort with free cocktails.

Three. Flip flops or high heels?
This is so hard! I feel most comfortable in flip flops, but I’m also in love with high heels as long as I’m sitting down all day. 😉

Four. Would you rather have a perfect bum, or a flawless face?
This is rough for me since my face and my butt are my biggest confidence killers on my body right now. I think I’d say a flawless face. I’ve lived my whole life with a big butt and somehow people like it. My face is constantly breaking out and full of acne scarring, so I’d change that in a heart beat if I could!

Five. What shows are you ashamed to admit are on your DVR?
I don’t have a DVR – that’s one of those fancy things people have. I have an old antenna and old tv from an ex boyfriend so… I’m not a part of that currently. 😉 If I did have a DVR and cable, it’d probably be one of the Real Housewives shows in California. Then again I live alone, so why would I be ashamed!

Six. What’s your ringtone?
Ummm, just the normal iPhone one. I’m boring.

Seven. Favorite places to shop … for me!
Target, Francesca’s, Apricot Lane (new shop in Green Bay – super cute stuff!), TJ Maxx … See, I even do YouTube videos about TJ Maxx. 😉


Eight. Standard coffee order?
Depends where I am! At Dunkin Donuts it used to be a Rocky Road Iced Coffee with skim. Starbucks it’s usually a Very Berry Refresher (which isn’t coffee …). On campus at our little coffee shop I always get a dark chocolate frappe which is INSANE.

Dark Chocolate Frappe

Nine. Road trip must have snacks?
I’m going to have to agree with Megan on the quest bars. I’ll throw in some AdvoCare Spark as well. Otherwise I’m going to end up stopping at Taco Bell which is never a good thing.

Ten. DIY or hire it out?
Hire. I don’t have the patience for DIY

Eleven. What was your first car, and did you name it?
My first car was a 1991 red Chevrolet Cavalier and I didn’t name it. But it had a pink hood (thank you, sun fading!) and I had princess crowns in the back of it, so that right there tells you what kind of teenager I was.

Twelve. Top 5 TV shows.
1. Scandal
2. The Bachelor/ette (I know they’re dumb, but I just can’t stop!)
3. Anything on HGTV if I can get my hands on cable
4. Gossip Girl
5. YouTube? That’s not a TV show, but I watch so much YouTube.

Thirteen. Favorite Book?
Harry Potter – all of ’em.

Fourteen. Favorite form of exercise?
Spin classes! I even wrote about it. 

Fifteen. How tall are you?


Sixteen. Do you try something new at restaurants or stick to your favorites?
Honestly, I stick to favorites. Once I find something I like, it’s hard to get me away from that. I will try everyone else’s food, though. Ask my sister 😉

Seventeen. What would you request for your last supper?
My last supper? OMG that’s hard. Um, I’d have a Chipotle burrito bowl (but it’d have to be flown in from a different Chipotle because Green Bay’s Chipotle sucks), a chicken burrito from Taco Bell and a shit ton of chocolate chip cookies and frozen yogurt. And two cans of mountain dew because cans are better than bottles and I need more than one.

And if you couldn’t tell … I started a cleanse today so I want ALL THE THINGS.

Eighteen. One make-up item you can’t live without?
Probably mascara to make my eyes look awake.

Nineteen. Will you leave the house without makeup?
Yes and no. It depends on how my face is doing. Lately I won’t because I’ve had another cystic acne breakout which sucks!

Twenty. What’s on your night stand?
I don’t have a night stand. The book shelf near my bed has a bunch of jewelry on it and usually a half full glass of water.

Twenty-one. Have you ever been hospitalized, and if so, what for?
Not overnight, but my most recent hospital trip was in August for the plague I got hit with that I thought was pneumonia.

Twenty-two. You just unloaded your Halloween haul…what candy do you go for first?
Reeses or kit kats. YUM! I want like, 18 of those right now says the girl that hasn’t had caffeine, sugar (besides from fruit) or carbs all day. >:(

Twenty-three. One thing motherhood has taught you.
Ummmm. Not a mom. Nope. Unless you count my cat, then I would say motherhood has taught me that I should not be a mother.

Oliver time

Twenty-four. Do you have any siblings, and if so, where are you in the birth order?
I have one younger sister named Jenny that I talk about quite a lot on here. She’s six years younger than me!

Twenty-five. What do you eat for breakfast?
I hate breakfast food. I know, what’s wrong with me. Most days it’s a waffle with PB2 and a banana or light english muffins with peanut butter and jelly. I love bacon, too, but I’m too lazy for that crap. I’d rather just have french fries.

Twenty-six. Music that reminds you of high school.
Haha the song “Humps” by Black Eyed Peas. We played that all the time before cheerleading practice for some weird reason.

Twenty-seven. If you could live anywhere in the world other than your current city, where?
Either Boulder, CO or San Francisco, CA. Then again, I’d move pretty much anywhere. I’m not stuck on one place in particular if it was for the right job.

Twenty-eight. Tell us something about you we might not know.
My leg/butt day playlist may make you rethink if you want to be my friend. It’s an interesting mix of sassy songs haha.

Twenty-nine. Websites you read/browse (besides blogs)
Does YouTube count? Probably not. Um, Facebook, Twitter, my event website for work …

Thirty. Morning person or night owl?

Thirty-one. What’s your best feature?
Ummmmm, Probably my hair if I do it. That’s what I get complimented on the most, at least. That, or my smile. (insert cheesy smile emoji here)


Thirty-two. What would you do for a living if you didn’t need money?
I’d love to make YouTube videos and write blogs for a living. I just think that’s what I’m most excited about. Or have a giant dog rescue.

Thirty-three. Finish this sentence: Every room needs….
A dog? Something sparkly? I don’t know – I can’t afford home decor so my rooms just have random crap thrown in it! 🙂

Thirty-four. How frequently do you wash your hair? Do you have any hair secrets or tricks?
Every three or four days. Four days is pushing it, but if I haven’t done anything strenuous and it’s curled, it can usually make it to that day. I’m lucky, I know! Coarse, thick hair!

Tell me something about you! Or do this fun survey and let me know so I can come and read it. 🙂

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  1. Amanda @ this IS my real hair says:

    That is such a silly question! You can fake either, a perfect ass or flawless face lol Honestly though.. I think I would go with the perfect ass. The ass is harder to fake long term than the face. Like nude, bikini, things of that nature. They pretty much make a makeup that is gonna help you fake your face regardless of the activity 😉

    • Jessie says:

      See, I just haven’t found the right makeup because my acne laughs at me and comes right on back out after a few hours of wearing makeup. Not cool! I like to think I have a pretty “okay” butt, so maybe that’s why I don’t care. Then again, I like it in clothes, not in bikinis.


  2. Megan says:

    Nice idea on combining the surveys! It’s so interesting to learn random things about people too! I’d probably have all of that same food as my last meal too, hah. ALL of that sounds good right now too! And I’m so jealous you can go that long without washing your hair. I know you have to “train” your hair but I just can’t go more than one day in between!
    Megan recently posted…wedding update & thoughts.My Profile

    • Jessie says:

      I was “lucky” and was on Accutane a few years back for acne and it dries out ALL of your skin so I was able to train it then. It’s kind of like cheating because I never had to deal with greasy hair days while I trained it!

  3. Jessie says:

    Aw.. I’m one of your favorite bloggers? Are you trying to make me blush? 🙂 🙂

    Love Francesca’s.. even with their high prices on some items. I actually threw away a cute necklace & pair of earrings I got from there while visiting the States in May. Yes.. THREW AWAY! Somewhere between cleaning up our messy hotel room & getting ready for family to visit, I tossed the whole bag. Not one of my smartest moves.
    Jessie recently posted…When One Baby Slept, The Other PlayedMy Profile

  4. Cherie says:

    Lol @ the inclusion of “My Humps” in this post. I had completely forgotten about that song!! But it reminds me of high school as well.

    Also, love the “people mcnugget” shirt. I’m gonna have to start using that term.

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