My last lazy weekend

It’s Monday – wooooo. This last weekend was my last full weekend of “laziness” for the next three weeks, starting with a 65-hour work week this week. So, let’s pretend it’s still the weekend and recap it. 🙂 Linking up with Katie! 

This was my Friday night, and it was glorious. We have some stressful family stuff going on right now and I’ve been feeling a bit off with the weather change, so I spent the night eating awful food (nice job on the AdvoCare cleanse, Jessie) and watching YouTube videos. And breaking out of prison …

Lazy Friday

Leg prisons

I actually did get my butt off the couch for a little over an hour and went to the gym to lift some weights. Of course, I thought I was stronger than I am and I’m currently still walking like I have two broken legs today so …

Saturday morning I slept until 10:30 a.m. TEN-THIRTY. What even is that?! Granted, I woke up at 6 a.m. to my cat attacking my bed because he was hungry, but went back to sleep after I fed him. It was so nice to wake up late and then lay around my bed for awhile. I finally got up, got dressed (aka put on leggings and boots – YAY FALL) and make a trip to Target to pick up some fun stuff like dish soap and razors and eggs.


After that I ended up having to pick up my sister who had a flat tire – whoopsie. We went to a shrine about a half hour from my apartment to say some prayers for our family and to check it out. It was super calming and pretty.

Mary Shrine

St. Francis

On our way home, we found a weird lookin’ knight, so of course I made my sister take a picture of it.

Silver Knight

We spent the rest of the night going around to a bunch of stores and looking at stuff we can’t afford. And I found some socks I need.

S'mores Socks

Sunday I got up (late again!) and went to the gym to do some upper body exercises. Then it was Packer Sunday, so off to the game we went! Much colder than last weekend AND much more STRESSFUL, but thankfully they won and it was loads of fun.

Lambeau Field

Lambeau Field

And that was my weekend! What did you do this past weekend? 

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  1. Megan says:

    I am so with you on the sleeping in thing this past weekend. It was definitely much needed! Looks like you an had awesome weekend too, especially being able to go to the Packers game! Good luck with your long week!
    Megan recently posted…weekend.My Profile

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