What’s Up Wednesday: October 2015

You guys KNOW how I love survey type things. I mean, the Myspace girl in me will just never go away. I found this on Megan’s blog this morning, so thanks for the idea, lady!! So I’m going to link up with MelSheaffer & Shay! It looks like a fun link-up, so here we go.




What we’re eating this week:
It’s all over the place this week. I just started IIFYM on Sunday, so I’ve got a set amount protein, fat and carbs per day and let me tell you, it’s pretty fun trying to put it all together. SOmetimes it’s healthy, sometimes it’s not, but I don’t feel deprived. In fact, I feel like I have too much to eat and my coach is probably going to take away some of the fun next week.

Interesting Lunch Choice

What I’m reminiscing about:
Ireland – I miss it so much 🙁 

Rock of Cashel

Blarney Castle

Cliffs of Moher

Ring of Kerry

Okay, I’ll stop now.

I’ve also been reminiscing on the person I’ve become in the last three years. About three years ago, I broke up with my long-term boyfriend who I had thought I was going to marry, lived with, etc. I’ve changed careers, locations and have truly become myself since that relationship ended (nothing wrong with the relationship – just the person I’ve become since then.) I feel like I’m at a point in my life where I’d love to have a partner, but I’m really doing well on my own. Plus, Oliver doesn’t share me very well.


What I’m loving:
$5 Starbucks drinks (no more, Jessie!)


What I’ve been up to:
– Working, a lot
– Watching a lot of YouTube videos
– Making a lot of YouTube videos …

– Canceling all of my credit cards (there will be a post on this soon )

What I’m dreading:
I’m going to agree with Megan here – the cold weather!! The radio said it might snow tonight. SNOW. NO. STOP IT NO.


I’m also dreading my long work weekends the next two weekends, but then I have a few weekends of super fun stuff after that so it’ll be worth it.

Oh, and my car is going into the shop the next two days while I’m in Milwaukee for a conference because it feels like it’d be fun to leak antifreeze all over my garage. Dreading that bill …

What I’m working on:
YouTube videos (see above), bloggin’, getting my finances in order and pre-planning a bunch of events. Unfortunately I’m so busy that my apartment looks like a bomb went off inside of it but … PERKS OF LIVING ALONE.

Living Alone

What I’m excited about:
– Amy coming to visit in early November!
– The next Packer game. (I hate bye weeks.)
– Continuing IIFYM
– Seeing Saige and Heather for dinner tomorrow night!
– Trader Joes on my way home from Milwaukee (hopefully)!
– This Sunday because I get to 1) sleep in, 2) It’s daylight savings so we get ANOTHER HOUR OF SLEEP and 3) Cycle class at 1 p.m.
– I’m obviously excited about everything. Can you tell I’ve had a large coffee this morning?


What I’m watching/reading:
Reading lots of blogs and watching lots of YouTube. That rarely changes.

What I’m listening to:
This song – love it.

The Hills

What I’m wearing:
Lots of boots and lots of leggings. I have to dress up for the conference I’m going to the next two days, so I’ve been very relaxed at work all week. Are fake leather leggings business casual? What about over-the-knee boots? THEY ARE NOW.


And if you ever are interested in what I’m wearing or blabbing about or putting on my face (like weird facemasks) you should probably follow me on SnapChat (JustJessie23)

What I’m doing this weekend:
Working 🙁 It’s so weird working for my alma mater. As a student and an alumna, I absolutely L-O-V-E-D homecoming, but as an employee I hate it. I have to work a bunch of random events from 9 a.m. – 10 p.m. on Saturday instead of spending time enjoying homecoming with my fellow alumni. Sads. Plus, it’s a long ass day. And Friday night when I get home from my conference, I have to come into the office and bag 60 cookies for the senior football parents.

But Sunday will be SO AWESOME. All the sleep. Come to me.

What I’m looking forward to next month:
– Thanksgiving because FOOD
– Amy coming to visit from D.C. !!!!
– It’s cycling month at my gym so there will be shit-ton more classes than normal
– Watching where my IIFYM journey takes me
– Having a few days off of work

What else is new:
– I have a boyfriend. JUST KIDDING. hahahaha.
– Really the only thing new is that I’ve been teaching myself how to braid. The newest one – fishtail.

Fishtail braid

Bonus: Favorite Thanksgiving recipe:
I don’t have a recipe, but I love me some stuffing. Yummmm.

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  1. Megan says:

    That pasta looks delicious & now I really want some! And the Starbucks too. I agree with a tutorial on the fishtail braid too! But, I don’t know if my hair is long enough.. maybe in a few more months. 🙁 Sounds like you’re going to be busy! Hopefully you get paid some overtime or they give you an extra day off for working the weekend!
    Megan recently posted…what’s up wednesday!My Profile

    • Jessie says:

      You know, for being a throw together pasta, it was really good! I’ll have to do some tutorials! My hair has lots of layers, so the braids are never perfect, but I feel like that’s the whole point of a braid. 🙂

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