1. Megan says:

    That story is great! Good thing he didn’t contact you after all that. And ‘yum yums’… that’s great. I can’t believe he actually called them that!
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  2. Liz says:

    I thought it was ALL weird except the gun part, actually! I think it’s weird that he fe;t the need to point it out though. Jon carries EVERYWHERE though so I think I’m just used to that. And I usually don’t know unless I touch his gun cause he wears in tucked into his pants in the back, but he doesn’t ever want other people knowing that he has his gun on him. He would never point it out to anybody, unless a sign is specifically posted that he sees and then sometimes (depending on where we are), he’ll take it back out to his car. Also, I did online dating for like, a year or so back when Jon and I were broken up. I met some decent people but none were my type. Lots of people who I would NEVER date! Like, ever. And I met another guy (through a friend) who I dated briefly, and then I told him that I had started dating my ex-girlfriend again and he lost his shit on me. And he and I had only been on maybe 3 or 4 dates. But he basically told me I would never be able to have kids with a girl (I never wanted kids in the first place- also, like I don’t know that???) and then he insulted me a bunch and told me why it wouldn’t work (I can’t remember specifically what he said). I was really polite in my responses but mostly was like, “Hey, that’s great! If you think this won’t work because you don’t like my personality, then it should be easy for you to move on! Now please respect me and stop messaging me.” And then he started texting me how sorry he was and how he just REALLY actually liked me and wanted it to work out and maybe we could just give it another chance. Uh, right, after you just texted me all those awful things. And it just went on and onnnnn… All the other guys I met online were cool. If I said I wasn’t interested, then they never really messaged me again. I always felt like online dating was such an interview process though so it was hard to really connect. All the people I actually ended up being interested in were people I had met some other way (one was a guy I had known through friends, one was a guy from high school, one was a guy from my gym, and then I was kinda sorta dating another guy from my gym and a guy my friend set me up with, but those weren’t anything serious). I used to have a blog ALL about dating. It’s still on wordpress and it is so entertaining for me to go back and read. Anyway, this comment is way too long. I just don’t want to go start homework so I keep typing!
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