Another Travel Weekend

And with that, my last travel event (actually event in general) for the year is over. 🙁 Traveling for my job is the best part. I miss living outside of tiny Green Bay, so it makes me feel like I’m seeing things besides corn fields again. Ha!

Friday started out at Walmart to pick up some last minute snacks for my event on Saturday.


Lots of healthy food as you can see.

Once I got back to the house I work in, I packed up the truck and my supervisor and I headed out for Minneapolis! We stopped in Wausau for some Panda Express …

Panda Express

The amount of crappy food I had this weekend is disgusting. And BOY do I feel it today! Anyways, to counteract some of the sodium, once we got to the hotel I immediately changed and went to the gym.

Gym Workout

And then I came back and hung out on this beautiful thing until I met my supervisor in the little lounge to have some snacks before we went to a comedy show!

Hilton Minneapolis

Fun fact – this is the same hotel I stayed in a few years ago for the Healthy Living Summit!

Minneapolis Weekend

Minneapolis snacks

We were super early for the show, so we walked around Minneapolis for awhile before heading into the Brave New Workshop (It might look familiar – I just had an event there last month). Once inside, we had a couple of drinks and watched The Trump That Stole Christmas – it was SO funny. SO SO funny. If you’re in Minneapolis, I highly recommend it.

Trump that stole Christmas

Trump that stole Christmas

Trump that stole Christmas

If you can’t tell, about 99% of my photos are from Snapchat … p.s. are you following me on there?? 🙂 JustJessie23

After the show, we walked to Chipotle and got some food to go before heading back to our rooms for the night. Saturday morning I somehow convinced myself to go to the gym AGAIN and came out looking super fine.


But at least the decorations in the Hilton were pretty!

Hilton Minneapolis

We left the hotel at 10 to head to the St. Thomas Ice Arena out in Mendota Heights for my event. Luckily no one was expecting a lot of food because I had about 50 register and about 80 show up. Very successful social before the men’s hockey game, which we ended up winning 4-1, by the way. 🙂

St. Norbert Event

Our Minnesota alumni are so sweet and welcoming. I really enjoy going to Minnesota for my events! I wish I could go more often – I’m usually only there twice a year.

After the game was over at 3, we headed to Leanne Chin (another Chinese fast food place) before heading out and grabbing Starbucks so that I didn’t fall asleep.


The 4.5 hour trip back seemed longer than normal since it gets dark so early. We didn’t’ get back to town until 8 and then had to unload the truck. I, of course, was so starving that I got Taco Bell so I felt like crap the rest of the night. Silly, Jessie.

I slept in on Sunday and then hung out with this little man for awhile.


Yesterday was a whirlwind, even though I didn’t do much. I did end up going to the gym just to do a half-hour of cardio, then went to TJ Maxx, then Qdoba. Another great day of eating. 😉 I spent the rest of the night watching the Packer game and trying to catch up on YouTube videos. My mom has been lending me her computer and it won’t turn back on after doing some updates the other day, so I’m pretty behind on the blog/YouTube land.

Oh, and in case you’re wondering, the Dressember Challenge is still going strong. I did sort of cheat on Saturday by wearing a skirt instead of a dress, but I was required to wear a certain top for the event and it was either a skirt or pants.


And now I’m sad because it’s Monday and I’m back at work, BUT I have a dermatologist appointment today so I’m leaving a little early and then I’m off tomorrow for my sister’s 22nd birthday. She still hasn’t told me what we’re doing yet, though, so I’m just gonna sleep until she decides. 🙂

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  1. Megan says:

    Looks like you had an awesome weekend & makes me want to go to Minneapolis again. It has been far too long! I agree with Morgan– it’s just one weekend! And it looks like you worked out every day this weekend too! I wish I could get motivated to go to the gym on Fridays & Saturdays, haha.
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