Weekend Recap: Work & Naps

I swear, weekends go by SO fast especially when I have to work one of the days. It’s the worst! But after this crazy week of work and Christmas, I’ll have EIGHT full days off from BOTH jobs. EIGHT. I’m so excited. I work 14 hours today, normal 8 tomorrow, 14 on Wednesday, 3.5 on Christmas Eve (4:45 a.m. – 8 a.m. Ohhhhh man), nothing on Christmas, then 4.5 on Saturday and then… OFF! I’m getting off topic. This past weekend was pretty boring, but I’ll tell you about it anyway. 🙂

Friday I did absolutely nothing except stress out. I got home from work at 5 p.m. and sat on my couch all night being sad which is what pushed the post that I put up on Saturday. I didn’t really sleep that well on Friday, so the 5:45 a.m. wake-up call on Saturday was rough. I worked from 6-2 p.m. and then somehow convinced myself to workout for a bit afterwards since I was already at the gym.


Dressember is still going strong! Don’t mind the weird face – I was still half asleep even though it was 3:30 p.m.

My sister and I then headed to see the movie Sisters and it was SO so so so funny. I mean, it’s a bit over the top, but it was hilarious. Then we headed over to Kroll’s (East side original restaurant – duh. The one by Lambeau is NOT THE SAME!) I got a chocolate malt, hamburger and soup. So, obviously my macros have fallen to the wayside (which is very truthful – I gained back all the weight I lost, which really wasn’t much. I’ll update you guys on that soon.)


Sunday was interesting. I woke up around 9:30 and stayed in bed until almost 10. I did a few things around my apartment and then parked myself on the couch to watch some videos.

Hot Chocolate

And then I fell asleep for an hour and a half and woke up with a terrible headache from sleeping too much/no caffeine! But then I forced myself to go to the gym, which was okay since there weren’t many people there but my head was killing me the whole time.

I went to Target and got some wrapping paper and food. I also got Oliver some $2 catnip toys and he went fricken nuts.


Anddd then the rest of my night looked like this …

Christmas Tree

Now it’s Monday and the crazy week starts. I really wish it had snowed here in GB – it’s going to be a really weird Christmas with no snow. I mean, it’s already a weird Christmas for me this year, but the lack of snow is just making it worse!

Anyways, sorry for the boring recap but I don’t have a very exciting life sometimes! What did you do this past weekend?

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  1. Jessica says:

    Omg I got my cat Reese those same catnip toys and she must have went nuts wth them too bc we couldn’t even find them for like ever. She is almost 15 and is usually pretty chill, it’s hilarious that she loves them so much.
    Jessica recently posted…Christmas Cheer ExchangeMy Profile

  2. Megan says:

    Is that a case of beer under your tree or just Guinness wrapping paper? Haha. I love all of your decorations! And you totally deserve 8 days off from both jobs! I hate anticipating a long vacation because that just makes the week go by so much slower. I agree that it’s going to be weird without snow this year. I think it’s supposed to be 50 degrees on Christmas. I mean, I’m not really complaining but it definitely doesn’t feel like Christmas!
    Megan recently posted…christmas shenanigans #1My Profile

    • Jessie says:

      Totally a case of Guinness 🙂 My dad requested some for Christmas since he’s missing Ireland. Of course, he just told me yesterday that he bought himself a case, so he’s going to be rollin’ in it come Christmas-time! And I’m with you! It can be 50 with no snow every other day, but I need snow on Christmas otherwise it just feels weird!

    • Jessie says:

      Really? It’s like absolutely dead at my work. I spent 2 hours helping my co-worker wrapping her daughters’ Christmas presents yesterday. Then again, once the students leave, it pretty much shuts down around here. Plus, a lot of people just take the three days off this week to make it an even longer vacation. I hope your work week goes by fast!

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