January via Instagram

I haven’t done one of these Instagram posts in awhile (inspired by the lovely Lauren), so I figured I’d do one today! I love Instagram – you should follow me on there if you’re not already. 🙂

January was actually a pretty fun month for me! Granted, it’s my “birthday month” so I don’t have as much of a hate for it as you do. Somehow I managed to upload 31 pictures – one for every day!

Instagram 1My fun Hawaii package from the bestie
Protein ice cream – obsessed in January
Packers vs. Vikings game with the fam
Sleepy Jessie

My take on sexy pajamas

Blanket scarves were a staple this January
I got back into loving to work out, thanks to Brittany Dawn!
Too much cold
See? Blanket scarves!

A sad day … 🙁

Free coffee for Helene (in Between)’s birthday!
I traveled all the way to MKE for a spin class (didn’t like the spin class, loved the girls)
See what I meant about blanket scarves??

Macro counting problems – weighing out cookie butter and cottage cheese
Seriously, I have this protein ice cream every night
Sleepy Jessie
The campus I work on is so beautiful with a coat of snow

Fun birthday card from my coworkers
You’re probably recognizing these photos from my birthday recap
Can I live in Chicago, please?

My first croissant with Julie
The truth on being 28
I sometimes don’t wear leggings and scarves
Can I have another one of these, please?


  1. Megan says:

    I have been failing miserably at Instagram these days. I haven’t had anything decent to post lately! 🙁 Where did you get those pajamas?? I think I need some of those! I am totally with you on the scarves… pretty sure I’ve wore a scarf every single day for the past month.
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