60-Day Challenge: Complete!

I sent in my final measurements and weight for Brittany Dawn’s 60-Day Challenge yesterday and …

I lost 9 lbs and 11.5 inches!


I’m feeling pretty awesome about it. I debated putting up my before/after pictures only because I don’t see a GIANT difference in my pictures, but I sure do feel it.



end pic


The best part is other people are starting to notice. Granted, I’m doing this journey for ME, but it’s nice to have other people who haven’t seen me in awhile say, “WHOA JESSIE” or have the group fitness director walk up to you at the gym and tell you she can see a major difference. WOO.

So, I highlyhighlyhighlyhighlyhighlyhighlyhighlyhighlyhighlyhighly recommend Brittany Dawn (here’s her YouTube channel if you’d like to get to know her) if you’re looking to start a IIFYM lifestyle. I signed up for another 90-days with her, and I’m beyond excited to keep this going. If you sign up, let her know I recommended you!

Have you found a program that works best for you?



  1. Amy says:

    Wow, that is really cool to hear and see your results and that it’s made you feel so good! Ha, your cat is sitting on your bed during your photos, right? So cute……congrats again!

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