Let’s catch up

Phew! Life went crazy, blog fell on the back-burner … blah blah blah – those are my excuses. Shall we get into it?

The last few days have been crazy. As you might know, I don’t have a reliable computer at home (or one that’s works faster than dinosaur speed) so it’s hard to get a post or YouTube video up that way. So, that’s the biggest reason I haven’t written. Another was that I had some time off work and while it was nice, it went by so quickly! I definitely filled up the time.

Last Thursday the college I work at shut down for the day due to the “storm” that we were supposed to get 16 inches of snow in. Well, the storm was bad, but not THAT bad. I’m not complaining about having a few hours off of work, though. I did have to work at the tennis courts that night from 5-10, though, so I didn’t have the whole day off! I pretty much hung out with these crazies all day (though this is technically my sister’s photo)


On Friday I slept in a tiny bit and then got up and got ready. My plans fell through last minute, so I headed into the gym after taking my progress weight and pictures. I was down in weight and feeling great (that rhymed) but after four days of over-eating this weekend, I’m not feeling so great anymore.

Working Out

After working out, I headed home for awhile but got bored so I ended up going back out and going a little overboard on the shopping front. I really didn’t want to spend any money, but literally none of my clothes fit. Even my workout pants are too big which is GREAT (not complaining) but I just can’t afford clothing right now. Unfortunately, it has to happen. So I headed out to TJ Maxx, the mall and Target. Once my sister was done with work, we headed out to Noodles & Co. and then froyo (whoops) before calling it a night. I’ll actually be putting up a YouTube video haul later on today if I can get it edited! So watch out for that if you’re interested. 🙂


Saturday started out pretty early with a quick workout at the gym and then coffee/tea with a friend of mine at Luna. After a long conversation with him, I headed back to my apartment to wait for my sister to get done with work so we could go to Easter a day early at my Aunt Marilyn’s house. Late lunch/dinner was fun as always with the fam-bam and then my sister and I made a quick trip to Appleton to go to Forever 21 and The Limited for a little more shopping. I was actually surprised with how much stuff I found at Forever 21. Usually their store makes me anxious because it’s SO disorganized, but it was slow so it wasn’t too bad. I’ll have to go back – their stuff was SUPER cheap. Granted, it’s not made very well, but for workout shirts and little things, I think that’s okay. Plus #poorlife.

Sunday I slept in (FINALLY) for a little bit and then hung out on the couch. After a few hours of that, my sister and I got super bored so we went to see My Big Fat Greek Wedding 2. It was funny – something fun to do. That night, I somehow convinced myself (with much persuasion from my sister) to film two videos. I filmed a haul and then the sister tag with Jenny!



Monday started out SUPER early (5 a.m.) with a workout at the gym. BLAH. I was so tired.


After a rough workout because I was so tired, I headed back home and then my sister and I headed to Milwaukee. We had lunch at the Cheesecake Factory and almost died.


Cheesecake Factory

After lunch we walked around Mayfair mall for awhile before heading over to Trader Joes! Love that place. Then we headed back to De Pere and both went to bed super early – exhausting day.

And now it’s Tuesday! I’m back at work and they’ve told us that Trump is going to be on campus tomorrow morning … yay? I might work from home in the morning to stay as far away from him as possible not have to deal with parking/protesters/Trump crap. We shall see! I don’t have a ton to do today, so once I get all of my stuff figured out for my two events this weekend, I’m going to try to edit one of my videos. Hopefully I’ll have one of those up tomorrow!

How was your weekend?
If you celebrate Easter, did you overindulge this weekend in crazy food?




  1. Amy says:

    Oh my gosh—those two cats cuddling:) so cute! Your wknd sounded so fun—get this, my husband has gone to DePere a few times for work—he said it is a cute area! We’re getting over bad colds and Easter this year was a non-event……sad but we’re feeling better! I agree re; Trump—womp, womp:( ugh, go away!

    • Jessie says:

      It is pretty cute! How funny that he came here – it’s not a place many people know about! Green Bay they know, but not DP. 🙂

    • Jessie says:

      I still feel super guilty, but when literally NOTHING fits … I mean, my workout pants almost fell off during a squat yesterday. haha!

    • Jessie says:

      Thanks, lady! 🙂 My upper body looks a lot more fit than my lower, but I appreciate the compliment. Plus, I’m super hard on myself haha! You can do it! It feels so amazing once you start seeing results and that just motivates you even more!

  2. Megan says:

    Five days off from work sounds amazing (well, except for Thursday night but you know what I mean)! I’m amazed that you got up for a 5am workout on a day off too! That is dedication, haha. I also agree that you earned that shopping trip! 🙂 I try to make up for shopping hauls by selling stuff on eBay.. sometimes it works. Ugh, Donald Trump. I hope you can work from home tomorrow! I would want to stay away from that mess also!
    Megan recently posted…ten tips for using self tannerMy Profile

    • Jessie says:

      It was amazing, but went by so quick. WHY DOES THAT ALWAYS HAPPEN?! I had to get up … the gym was closed on Sunday for Easter and I’m only allowed one rest day per week 🙁 The Donald is officially off campus! And I’m just seeing now that you recently posted “ten tips for using self tanner” so I’m gonna go read that NOW!

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