Noooo, Monday!

It’s here. Monday, Monday. I struggle with them (as does everyone else) but I struggle even more after a full weekend of work. I don’t have a day off (though I might throw one in here in the next week or two) until Hawaii. I KNOW I SHOULDN’T BE COMPLAINING but you try working 7 days a week and then we’ll talk about it. (Please excuse sassy Jessie – she hasn’t had all her caffeine yet.)

The weekend started out on Friday where I got myself (and fit it into my macros) a Strawberry Acai Refresher from Starbs (yum) and got everything ready for my weekend of events. Thankfully it was just Brooke and I in the office on Friday, so it was pretty chill.


I honestly don’t even remember what I did Friday night. Ummm I think I just sat on my couch with my sister all night, to be honest. OH and I packed.

Saturday morning started off early because I had to work out before we left for Milwaukee and my events.


I had arms and HIIT on the docket, but I ended up getting sucked into a conversation with a (very nice) lady for almost 20 minutes. I already was short on time, so my workout was cut short which kind of sucks, but I never talk to anyone at the gym so it was a nice change of pace. Of course that made me late to meet my boss to head out for my events, though. Whoops.


Once I got to the college, we packed up the car (which I already had all ready – just needed to be thrown in the truck) and headed over to the Abbey to pick up our priest. I don’t want to say I have “favorite priests” but I have a favorite priest and it’s the one we took with this weekend. He was so much fun.

ANYWAYS, once we got to Milwaukee we headed to Water Buffalo for lunch (and our server was British so I was ALL about that) and then to the Milwaukee Art Museum for our two tours that our priest (who is also an art professor) was putting on. Such a fun day!

Milwaukee Art Museum

Fun fact: I took History of Modern Art with the priest above my senior year of college and it was HANDS DOWN the best class I’ve ever taken in my entire life – and I’m not an “artist”.

After our tours, we headed over to the Hilton where we were staying for the night and checked in to our respective rooms.

Hilton Milwaukee

Once settled in there, we went to the hotel bar for “celebratory drinks” which turned into three glasses of wine and tater tots with the priest and my supervisor. I told you – best priest ever. After that we headed over to Mader’s (a German restaurant in MKE) for dinner/more drinks. We also somehow were graced with a server that asked me out on a date YEARS ago, so that was nice and awkward for tipsy Jessie. And they made me sit in the giant chair.

Mader's Restaurant

Once back at the hotel, I contemplated going to the bar downstairs (by myself) but thankfully talked myself out of it. Instead I took a shower (and Advil because I’m old) and watched HGTV, falling asleep around 10:30. Unfortunately I woke up once every hour, though, so it was a very exhausting Sunday for me.

Sunday morning I met my colleagues downstairs in Starbucks in the hotel lobby before heading over to our second event for the weekend – a Mass & Brunch at Marquette University. It was a little stressful in the beginning because my sacristan, cantor and pianist ALL didn’t show up (that I paid $100 for…) so thankfully we were still able to pull of the mass without any issues.

mass & Brunch After mass, we headed over to our second room for brunch which was awesome, per usual. I love the catering staff at Marquette – highly recommend!

Once the event was over (and after talking for over an hour with my friend Melissa who I miss SO MUCH) we packed up the car and headed back to Green Bay. I was SO EXHAUSTED, but during my events is when I really enjoy my job. Away from the office drama and boredom, and talking with alumni and parents at my events. If I could do that 5-days a week, I’d stay at this job forever! Even though it is in Green Bay …

Once we were back in Green Bay, guess where I went? You guessed it – the gym.

gym time

I don’t know if you can see my eyes in that picture above, but I was sooooooooo tired. I worked some shoulders and HIIT as a part of my programming and then left. I had every intention of going grocery shopping but I was starving so I went and got Qdoba instead. And then …

Dairy Queen


And then I went to bed … at 8:30. 🙂

This morning started out at 5:15 a.m. and then I headed into the gym for a glutes and hamstrings day. I felt pretty strong this morning, although extremely fatigued. I work all day today and am going to see an Irish monk speak on campus tonight, then work both jobs tomorrow so I’m looking forward to Wednesday night where I can go home at 4:30 and go to bed – ha! You think I’m kidding.

How was your weekend?
Do any of you work multiple jobs or just are really busy? How do you catch up? I feel like I’m constantly exhausted and last year when I felt like this, I got SUPER sick and ended up in the hospital so … no one wants that.

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  1. Megan says:

    You definitely had a busy weekend! I definitely agree that a job where you just do events would be way more fun. Plus getting to stay in hotels & getting food/drinks for free? Yes! Qdoba & a blizzard from DQ? I can’t even remember the last time I had a blizzard but that looks amazing!
    Megan recently posted…weeeeeekend….My Profile

    • Jessie says:

      Right?! If I could just stay in hotels and eat/drink for free, I’d be all about that. 😉 The blizzard was really good!

  2. Amy says:

    Yeah, that is a busy schedule you keep lady! I remember being in my 20s, working 2 jobs and not liking it at all…..but I know at some point that ended and it was good! Sounds like you had 2 good work events so yay!

    • Jessie says:

      I’m hoping I’ll only have to work two jobs for a few more years! Mind you, I love my part-time job, it’s just a lot!

  3. Katie says:

    You needed that early bedtime. I work and do an mba program, and I’ve found that I really need at least two nights a week at home to cook decent food/run errands/workout. I can have a night or two out and about, but not everyday.
    Katie recently posted…Don’t Wait, Spring!My Profile

  4. Marette @ Floradise says:

    Between working, blogging, training for the half, freelancing and looking for an apartment I feel this way right now. I wish I had an answer other than just take one thing at a time. I did have time for a nap on Sunday before my 5-miler and it felt amazing!! Hope things get better!

    • Jessie says:

      Girl, you get it! So busy. I love being busy, but sometimes it really gets to me! Thankfully I have a trip coming up soon. Nice job with the nap … oh and the 5-miler. 😉

  5. karlee says:

    I don’t know how you do it all, two jobs, working out AND a blog and YouTube? I just started working at a full time job, and going to school full time, but I graduate in May! And that’s exhausting enough for me, I’m sad to say that I’ve been putting off working out and using the excuse that I don’t have time :/ I’m also an introvert, and I’ve noticed that compared to some people, I get burnt out way easier so I’m jealous!

    • Jessie says:

      Ahhh, the introvert part definitely would take even more out of you! I like my alone time, but I’m definitely an extrovert and get my energy from others around me. Good luck with school AND work – that’s craziness, too!

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