Leg Day = Donut Day

The title says it all …


My wonderful asshole alarm went off at 5 a.m. this morning, so I pulled myself out of bed and weighed myself – WORST WAY TO START A FRIDAY. I didn’t gain or lose this week (which I guess is okay) but after gaining the last few weeks, I know Brittany is going to cut my calories. Boooooo. But that’s okay. It’ll alllll be okay.

So in light of that, I got a donut. 😉

After the weighing of myself, taking measurements and pictures for Brittany, I got dressed and headed into the gym. It was REALLY busy this morning for 5:45 a.m., which is crazy to me. Why are there so many nutsos out there that workout so early (ha)?! I got in and did a pretty nasty leg day – mostly because I was still pretty sore, even after an additional rest day yesterday. I did add 5# to my squats though, so …


Tonight is my treat meal (we’ll just forget I had a donut – just kidding, I fit it in my macros). My sister and I are going to our favorite Mexican restaurant and then to see a movie. I’m ready for it to be the end of the day already! Buttttt then I work all weekend, but we’ll just pretend that’s not happening.

What are you up to this weekend?
Are you celebrating that it’s FINALLY Friday?


    • Jessie says:

      I still think I should hold out for “good donuts”, but I was craving one so badly, so Dunkin Donuts it was! We saw The Boss – pretty good!

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