Final Countdown to Hawaii: 1 Week!

So this little notification went off this morning …


The Hawaii one, not the Instagram one.

OH MY GOSH. That means:

  • One week to get my booty in the best shape it can be.
  • One week to pack.
  • One week to get my anti-anxiety medication.
  • One week to have awful plane crashing dreams (silly anxiety).

Thankfully this alarm went off right when I needed to start my HIIT session at the end of my workout (with burpees which I hate) so that was some pretty great motivation timing.

I apologize for all the Hawaii talk, but I’m looking forward to it (and slightly nervous for the flight) so it’s on my mind quite a bit! I haven’t decided if I’m going to schedule some posts while I’m out in Hawaii, but I doubt I’ll be checking in from there because I won’t have a computer. I plan on doing recaps / vlogs while I’m there, but we’ll see what happens!! Hopefully I’m able to schedule out a few posts while I’m working 16-hours this weekend (when it’s supposed to be BEAUTIFUL out this weekend – boooo), but we shall see. Anything you’d like me to write about, let me know!

Linking up with Amanda!

Have you ever been to Hawaii?
Have you ever been any type of beach vacation? I have not. I’ve been to California twice, but it was cold both times so it definitely wasn’t a beach vaca.


  1. Torry says:

    I have been to Hawaii – It was while I was in high school so that was a long time ago. You probably have said before but I dont remember….which island are you going to?

  2. Megan says:

    Please send pictures/videos/Snapchats/etc of Hawaii while you’re there! I would love to be at the beach right or at least somewhere warm 24/7. And your plane is NOT going to crash! You’ll be fine! 🙂 You flew to Ireland & back without any problems, haha.
    Oh, and very interesting screen name of that person on Instagram???!
    Megan recently posted…throwback: prom editionMy Profile

    • Jessie says:

      Oh girl, you KNOW I will!! 🙂 Especially Snapchat. AND RIGHT?! I was going to blur out the Instagram thingy, but I thought it was funny. There are some creeps, let me tell you. In fact, there’s a guy on SC that sends me a shirtless “Good Morning” every morning. Like I DON’T KNOW YOU. Blocked him.

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