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Okay, friends. I’ve officially checked in on my handy dandy United Airlines app for my flight tomorrow morning. GAH. I’m flipping out. My stomach is killing me today – anxiety has definitely set in. So, don’t mind this random post, but my brain isn’t working at 100% so this is what you’re going to get. 🙂

On Monday night (after I filmed my Hawaii Packing vlog), my sister and I headed over to Target to get a few last minute things for my trip along with my belated gift for my friend.

Bucket of Sunshine

This was my sister’s idea, but basically my friend has been going through a rough patch so I figured instead of buying her lunch for her birthday, I’d make her something that might brighten her day.

Of course, Jenny found Harry Potter socks so those went into the basket as well …

Harry Potter socks

Tuesday was a pretty busy day at work trying to get ready for my trip + I had a few meetings. But, in my downtime, I found this cute little quote that I love!


When I got home, my sister had made me a little “anti plane anxiety” pack for my trip, which was pretty exciting. 🙂

Anxiety Pack

… and then I did some self tanning.

SElf Tan

Definitely the best I’ve ever looked.

Self Tan

I spent the rest of the evening packing, washing that tan off and watching HGTV shows on Netflix.

This morning I went to the gym around 6 to get in a HIIT and back workout, but my lower back seized up after my first workout (which wasn’t even targeting lower back). I tried to do a few exercises, but my back just wasn’t having it so I did some foam rolling and 20-minutes of HIIT on the stairmaster.

And now I’m just getting some last minute things done for work! Sometimes my job is weird because I work with a lot of restaurants, so I really can’t start any of my work until they open. For example, I need to choose my food for a happy hour coming up but I can’t call them until after they open at 11 so I just have to wait …


In the meantime, I made some lists for errands I need to run on my lunch. After work I’ll be running to the gym to pick up my check, running home to get my bags and driving the two hours to Milwaukee to stay with Saige! I have to be at the airport around 5 a.m., so I figured it was better to stay there tonight.

Remember to follow me on Snapchat for updates! I’m sure I’ll be active on all other social, too, but SC will be the most! 🙂


Hope you’re having a great Wednesday!!

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  1. Amy says:

    Have fun!!!! I hope the flight is good and you can rest:) so cute of your sis to put together that kit for you! I kind of love the last minute trip to Target to get vac. stuff. I try to write my list of stuff to remember. My husband is all excited we’re going to be in warm wx soon, getting sun and not having to do anything unless we want to:) Being a tourist is good, right? Have a great vacation!

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