And I’m Off!

Hey! I scheduled this post to go up right as I’m getting on the crazy jet plane to Hawaii!


^^ That graphic? That right there explains to you why I went to school to TALK (comm degree) and not art. Notttttt an artist. Hah!

As a lot of you know, I’m absolutely terrified of flying, but I’m hoping that I’ll do well on this flight. It’s only a 9.5 hours of the flight to go … Wish me luck! I leave at 7:20 a.m. CST and arrive in Hawaii around 1:30 their time (so, closer to 6:30 CST). Should be some interesting jet lag – but I’ll be so excited!

Just so you know, I have posts planned for a little bit while I’m out. There’s a couple of days that I’ve left open so I might pop in from Honolulu, but no promises. I’m sure you’ll understand. But follow along with me on social media, ESPECIALLY Snapchat! I’m sure that’s where I’ll be the most active – I don’t want to blow up Instagram every 5 seconds but Snapchat? No limits there. 😉


Snapchat: JustJessie23 OR hover over the picture above with your Snapchat camera and it should add me!
Twitter: @JessieDeschane
Instagram: @JessieDeschane

I’m also hoping to get up some vlogs after I’m back, but we’ll see how it goes! I’m not holding myself to anything because I really want to enjoy my time there with my best friend.



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