Fitness Friday: Volume 2

Good morning, friends! I hope you enjoyed my fitness post last week, so I’m going to keep it going. I obviously scheduled this post before I went to Hawaii, so I’m hopefully sitting on a beach somewhere with my best friend, lovin’ life. NOT EXERCISING. 😉

Fitness Friday

Saturday, April 16 – 10 a.m.: Back, Shoulders + HIIT
Killer workout, but another one of my favorites. I just love working out shoulders. Probably because of the pump/shoulder vein that pops out. What can I say?! 🙂 Also, have you guys heard of the 28 method for lateral raises? Do it. With light weights. OUCH.
* Macros on point – I was working, so I didn’t really have any temptations around me besides diet soda and gatorade.

Sunday, April 17 – 2 p.m.: Chest, Shoulders and Abs
I really hate working out my chest, for some reason. I was so tired after work that I got in the workout, but then I went a bit crazy with a second treat day. I know, I know.
* Did not follow my macros.

Monday, April 18 – 5:30 a.m.: Glutes & Hamstrings
Leg days are always killer. I was sweating like a BEAST by the end of this baby. Gross! I did not feel well all day, either. I spent most of the day just trying to get my stomach to cooperate so I didn’t’ eat well, because I basically was just eating whatever I could.
* Did not follow macros.

Tuesday, April 19 – 5:30 a.m.: Arms, Abs + HIIT
This was a pretty good workout! I took my time with the workout this morning and then did 20-minutes of sprints/walking on the treadmill. I was SO tired, though.
* Did not follow macros. You’ll notice this is a pattern …

Wednesday, April 20 – 5:30 a.m.: Back & HIIT
I mentioned this in my blog earlier this week, but my back seized up for some reason at the beginning of this workout so I ended up not doing all of it. BUT I still did as much as I could, stretched/foam rolled and did 20-minutes of HIIT.
* Did not follow macros.

Thursday, April 21: REST 
Leavin’ on a jet planeeeeeee, to Honolulu at 7:20 a.m. so my programming is officially on hold! I’m sure Michelle and I will take some hikes, OR we might just be too busy hugging each other and talking that we won’t have time to do any workouts. 🙂

Progress this week: I did not weigh myself. I planned on it, but I didn’t want to make myself feel bad right before I go on vacation. I deserve a break, I think!

Fun fact: I’m actually HOPEFULLY meeting my beautiful, wonderful coach Brittany while in Honolulu. How crazy that she’ll be there at the SAME time on the SAME island for her honeymoon?! Obviously if she’s too busy, we won’t, but I’m hoping we’ll get to meet her! Michelle is a newly converted Brittany Dawn girl, so I think it’d be so much fun! I’ll keep you updated once I get back.


  1. Megan says:

    So, I just Google’d the 28 method and holy moly, that sounds painful! But.. it also kind of sounds like some moves in Body Pump, like with the slow counting & halfway up/halfway down. Lateral raises are not my strongest lift either so I can see how that would hurt! That would be awesome to meet Brittany!
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