A weekend with few pictures

Guys, I seriously suck at taking pictures. I’m on Snapchat (cough* justjessie23 *cough) CONSTANTLY, but I always forget to download them. But I’ll tell you about my weekend anyway. Linking up with Katie!

First of all, thank you SO much for all the love on Friday’s post about my weight loss. I appreciate it!

So Friday was a super long day at work. It felt like the afternoon just dragged on. I ended up coming back to work later that night to edit my new video (see it below!) so my night was pretty much shot after that.

I like to think I’m pretty funny in that video, but sometimes I laugh at my own jokes so …

Saturday morning started out earlier than I’d like (8 a.m.) because of this stupid cough, so I spent the morning at the gym and cleaning my apartment like a crazy person. Once my sister was done with work, we headed over to White Dog Black Cat Cafe for lunch. It was good (slow service, though), but I ended up getting really sick to my stomach for the rest of the night, so I’m not sure I’d go back there. Or, at least, I wouldn’t eat what I had.

But before the stomach ache showed up, my sister and I went to TJ Maxx where I got two pairs of workout pants and some underwear (cheap!) and then to Target for some groceries. We headed back home and I took a nap while tryingΒ to calm my stomach down. But I found this fun little post, so that helped.

Golden Retriever

Before all the good lighting was gone, I made my sister take some pictures of me in my new dress! I have no idea what I’ll wear it to, but I don’t care.

Red Dress Boutique

Red Dress Boutique

Those sunburn lines, though …

Puff helped … insert eye-roll here

We did end up heading to Ulta and CVS later so I could continue to hunt for Milani foundation (can’t find it ANYWHERE) and then settled in for the night. I talked with my sister and then ended up texting all night with Dave. Hawaiian time, let me tell you. I’m going to bed when he’s eating dinner. So I was up late!

Sunday I woke up a little later (thank you, Nyquil) and then headed into the gym to get in a hard, hard, hard lower body workout. After the gym, I headed back home to shower, pack food and get ready for another night at work. So back to the gym I went!


Got myself a treat!

I worked from 2-9 p.m., which normally would take FOREVER since no one comes to the gym anymore (we cut to our shorter summer hours in less than two weeks), but thankfully I made friends with the new tennis pro, Tim, so he kept me company/occupied all night when he didn’t have lessons. I love working at that gym – so many cool colleagues and members!

After work I headed home and that was about it for me – Nyquil and bed. This cough is the bane of my existence right now. I’m not sick in ANY other way, but a deep, hoarse cough. Annoying.

I did (somehow) manage to get my booty out of bed after three alarm snoozes and to the gym this morning. Wore my new pink pants that leave nothing to the imagination.

TJ maxx

It was a good workout, but I was supposed to do 20-minutes of HIIT cardio. I got distracted talking to another girl at the gym – whoops. Oh well, I probably shouldn’t be doing cardio when I’m coughing up a lung anyway, plus it’s fun to make new friends with similar interests.

And now I’m at work! Here’s to a fast Monday so I can get to dinner with my friend Mary tonight!

What did you get up to this past weekend?
Anyone else suffering from a ridiculous cough? What IS this?!


  1. Amy says:

    Sounds like a fun wknd:) so you and your sis are getting along as roommates, yeah? Dave from Hawaii, friends or……?? πŸ™‚ love the cat on the screen, not the damage just the look:)

    • Jessie says:

      So far, so good! She’s pretty easy to live with. And you caught onto that Dave comment, huh?? πŸ™‚ Hmm, hmm, hmm. lol.

  2. Megan says:

    I went to TJ Maxx & Target this weekend too… I’ve never been a huge fan of TJ Maxx until recently & now I just want to shop there ALL the time! It’s BAD. I’m jealous of those full length mirror doors! I was always wondering how you got those full body selfies, hahaha. And Dave….??? πŸ™‚ Haha, you’ll have to tell me more about this friend!
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