Weekend Recap|Self Date!

Whyyyyy is the weekend always over?! 🙁 I feel like this weekend just sped by, per usual.

Friday was a long day at work since I was the only one in the office in the afternoon. You’re welcome to those that follow me on Snapchat and watched my entire college campus tour – that’s how bored I was.

Once 4:30 hit, I was outta there! I hung around at home for awhile and then ended up going to the gym because I was going stir crazy in my apartment. I did a tiny bit of cardio and messed around with a few weights before stretching and then talking to my friend Dani at the front desk . That’s about it for my Friday!

Saturday I got up around 9, made some protein waffles and cleaned up my apartment for awhile before going on the hunt for peonies.


I found them, but at a price. A very severely over-priced price. Oh well, it made me happy.

After the peony search was over, I headed to the theater by myself to see the newest Captain America movie. I thought it was good (hellllllo, Captain America biceps) but it’s not the best Marvel movie I’ve ever seen.

After the movie I headed to Target to pick up a few things and then to the gym for a workout.

My workout was pretty good, but then I ended up chatting again to Dani for awhile. I finally had to bow out because I was SO hungry I thought I was going to pass out. One protein waffle in the morning did not hold me over until 7 p.m.

I went home, ate, showered and started getting ready for a fun girl’s night. Dani and I had decided we were going to get super dressed up and go out in downtown Green Bay (it sounds cooler than it is, but … it’s not lol). I had way too much time to spend getting ready, so I tried fake eyelashes for the first time in my life and spent way too much time on my makeup. I still was ready with plenty of time, so I spent that time dancing to Backstreet Boys and texting/snapchatting with a favorite. 🙂

Dani picked me up around 10:30 (usually my bedtime …) and we headed out to Hagemeister Park for a drink on the patio. It ended up being pretty chilly, so we moved on to The Libertine and then Vintage. After Vintage we meandered over to Kittners for about 2.5 seconds before Dani made some friends that dragged us to some random weird bar (not my type of place haha). I was a little distracted with my texting buddy so that kept me occupied until I convinced her to leave.

Going Out

We stayed out until 2 a.m., guys. TWO. Oh my gosh, best/worst decision of my life. I had tons of fun with Dani, but I was SOOOOO tired on Sunday morning after three hours of sleep. I had to open the gym, so I worked from 6:30 a.m. – 2 p.m. Once I was finnnnnnnally done with work, I went home, did some laundry and took a nap before heading back into the gym to do leg day.


After leg day, I was just completely beat. I spent the rest of the night eating shitty food, Facetiming 🙂 and then bed time. I was going to workout this morning, but my alarm went off and I thought I was going to die. I slept until 7:05 a.m. and then had to scramble to get ready. I’m still SO exhausted that I almost didn’t come into work. We’ll see how this day goes, but I’m happy I had such a great weekend – even if it does make my Monday very difficult.

I also vlogged this weekend, so we’ll see if I like the footage and decide to put it up. Let me tell you – if you’re looking to find pieces of yourself to be self-conscious about, just vlog. I found about 15 things I want to fix now haha!!

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How was your weekend? Did you have beautiful weather, too?


  1. Amy says:

    Oh my gosh—sounds like a really full wknd, excluding sleep:) but my gosh you’re a dedicated workout woman—go you!
    We did house stuff, bringing a few things to a recycling center and installing cabinets to our utility room. That and some deck time was pretty much the wknd:) with beer! ha.

  2. Liz says:

    I would never ever ever ever blog for that reason. Haha. Ever. I hate the sound of my voice and I don’t need videos of me made. I would like to hear more about this friend you met in Hawaii. Staying out late is so hard these days. So is drinking for me. Both of those can sound like a good idea but end up being terrible. I really hate being tired so I’d rather get sleep. I went to an engagement party at 10:30 when I was pregnant and I was seriously like, “WHO SCHEDULES PARTIES AT 10:30?!” We are way too old for that. If it wasn’t my best friend, I would totally have skipped it. Old lady. Whatever.
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    • Jessie says:

      Haha I totally agree with you on the late party! Not for me. I mean, if I’m already out by 10:30, that’s fine! But if I’m just going out at 10:30, I’m ready for bed. And this “friend” I met in Hawaii is pretty awesome, but I’m afraid to talk about him because I’m afraid he’ll *poof* and disappear. 🙂 I’ll just say if I was in Hawaii, he’d probably be more than just a friend, but we’re just going with the flow for now to see how things go since we’re so far apart. So far, so good. 🙂 It’s making me feel too many feels. Ha!

  3. Megan says:

    I was also going to look for some peonies this weekend but never had enough time to really look! I’ve never been into flowers until this year for some reason & those have become my favorites! I hope they last awhile if they were super expensive! Yay, you got to wear that dress! Staying out late is getting sooooo tough these days! I was dragging on Sunday & we were only out until midnight!
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