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Sometimes I think my blog is turning into a MySpace survey board, but I can’t help it! I just love them so much and when I saw this on my girl Katie’s blog … I mean, I just couldn’t stop myself.


Guilty pleasure: Chips and salsa – seriously. Specifically the Tostitos restaurant style one. I’m not proud (maybe I am proud?) to say I normally eat the entire jar in one sitting and then feel like I’m going to die from massive sodium intake.

Fave show to watch: I’m not really a TV person (more of a YouTube channel person), but I do always get sucked into The Bachelorette.

Favorite healthy eats: Protein ice cream bowls and my own healthy Chipotle bowls.

Favorite treat: Frozen yogurt with HEAPS of toppings

What supplements do you take: I take two women’s gummy vitamins every day. I also take a protein supplement (aka protein powder) when I’m trying to get in more protein!

Workout love: I’ve been a bit off the wagon lately, but I just hired a new coach that I’ll be starting with on August 1! Shoulders or back are usually my favorite body part to workout, but with my injuries I’ve had to lay off a bit.

Celebrity crush: Zac Efron 🙂

Favorite thing in your makeup drawer: I’m loving my new Smashbox foundation. It’s build-able (which I appreciate to hide my acne scars) and stays on all day without breaking up.

Health or fitness tip you’d like to share: Flexibility is important! I don’t know about you, but being flexible with when I do my workouts and what I fit into my macros is important.

Where do you buy your workout clothes: I’d say 95% of mine are from TJ Maxx

Ideal date night: Can I just have one in general? #singlegirlprobs Seriously, though. I love going out and being social, but I’ve been missing just hanging out with my man (if I had one) and spending time together. Or, let’s go on vacation. Go big or go home, am I right?

Nail color: Nada. Unless I’m getting my nails done, there’s no use in doing them. I chip them in 3.5 seconds.

Wearing: Blue maxi dress from Target and my bow sandals from Francescas. Simple work outfit!

Favorite cocktail: After this weekend + the drama that ensues from drinking (SERIOUSLY), I’d rather never drink again. But, I do like a good margarita.


Favorite workout jam: One of these …

Bachelor or Bachelorette: Bachelorette. I prefer watching male drama than female drama for some reason. 😉

Hidden talent: Reading people. Not like a telepathic person, but I’m pretty good at reading people, knowing what they want and how to make them feel comfortable. Makes me good at my job – welcoming people into an event. And I’m hoping it’ll help me with my coaching ventures! 

If you could vacation anywhere, where would you go: So many places. My heart is being pulled to California, Ireland or Hawaii, though. I either want the sun/beaches or the calming sense of life in Ireland. I’d take any of the above!

Answer one of the questions below in the comments! I’d love to hear from you.



  1. Jordyn says:

    I always love reading a fun MySpace reminiscent survey! I haven’t watched he most recent episode of the Bachelorette but it’s on my agenda for my relaxed evening tonight!

  2. Megan says:

    I saw this survey the other day & started drafting it too! Chips & salsa, definitely! I can eat an entire thing in one sitting too, haha. Thanks for posting the ‘you don’t own me’ song! I’ve been hearing it lately but had NO idea who sang it!
    Megan recently posted…if you knew me in college…My Profile

    • Jessie says:

      Yay, I’m excited to see yours soon? Maybe? 😉 Glad you like that song! I wrote a whole post on songs today … it’s a bit ridiculous, really.

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