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I was taking a walk by the river on Monday night with my phone on airplane mode and my favorite playlist blaring, keeping my mind occupied with all of my favorite songs. Music is different to every person. I’ve always been a music girl – whether it was singing in my band I created on the playground in middle school, the flute/piccolo in high school band class (this one time, at band camp …) or crazy loud music to get me through a tough workout. I choose songs based on the way they make me feel. It can bring me happiness, make me feel sassy, strong, independent, girly, etc. I think that’s why my music is so eclectic and all over the place. So here are a few songs that make me feel some type of way.

Also, fun fact: my playlist is named “Bath Time” because I named it that when I was taking a bath one night and wanted a bunch of songs that I wouldn’t need to get out of the water to skip through. Now I’m too lazy to change the name of the playlist.

Moving on!

Feeling: Sappy and Loving


Of course they’re all country …

Feeling: Happy and Dancey

Feeling: Strong and Pumped Up

Basically anything with a good base drop.

Feeling: Independent and Bad Ass

Feeling: Sassy and Sexy 

For this one, sometimes the music to me just sounds sexy (hence the Heathens song, obviously not sexy words) or sometimes it makes me feel sexy.

And finally, my all-time favorite …

Okay, I’m done now! I love hearing what songs people are loving (that’s honestly how I found almost all of these songs) so I hope you find a song you like! Let me know a song you’re loving in the comments below.

Am I the only one who loves music because of the mood it puts me in?

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  1. Megan says:

    Are you reading my mind this week? Because I have a pretty similar post drafted for this also! I am almost always listening to music, especially at work. It’s calming, most of the time anyway. I completely forgot about that Lollipop cover! That song totally reminds me of college. Vava Voom is a great workout song too!
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    • Jessie says:

      Hahah! We’re on the same page! Doesn’t surprise me. 😉 And Lollipop reminds me of college, too! My ex showed that song to me my sophomore year and then we randomly saw Framing Hanley at Summerfest and they played it. SO GOOD!

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