10 Things Single Girls Hate Hearing

I have a lot of experience on this topic of singledom and after going stag to yet another wedding this past weekend, I figured it was time I named off 10 of the things I’m TOTALLY over hearing since I’ve been single. (Note: I’m not being mean and I’ve probably said all of these things myself to someone, but I’ve heard these things about 10,000 times in the past three years.)

Are you seeing anyone?

I’m seeing you, being all judgmental and asking me AGAIN if I’m seeing someone. Don’t you think I would’ve TOLD YOU THAT?!

He’ll come when you’re not looking

First, and most importantly … that’s what she said. #tyss
Okay. Seriously? I’m not sitting on the side of the street with a sign that says “WILL YOU BE MY BOYFRIEND??!!” I’m not going to the grocery store and attacking every male I see. This comment drives me nuts. YES, I get what people actually mean by it, but I haven’t been “looking” for someone, so knock it off.

Things Single Girls Hate Hearing

Have you tried online dating?

Yes, I have. Have you seen my video about my creepy dates? Now you’ll see why I’m no longer doing online dating. (P.S. ignore the quality, I need to re-do this video)

Have you met my friend/coworker/trainer/brother’s friend’s neighbor’s dog walker?

No, I haven’t. And I no longer trust your judgement after you tried to set me up with the waiter at the last three restaurants I’ve been to with you, so you can just stop trying to help now.

Things Single Girls Hate Hearing

So … you’ve at least been getting laid, right?


Things Single Girls Hate Hearing

Don’t you want kids? You’re almost 30!

I want a dog. Do I have to get a boyfriend to have a dog? Didn’t think so. Also, I AM NOT ALMOST 30 SO SHUT YOUR DIRTY MOUTH. No offense to my 30s crew! 🙂

Things Single Girls Hate Hearing

You’re so lucky to have this time to work on you.

I don’t need anymore work, thank you very much. Wait, why do you think there’s something I need to work on? What’s wrong with me now?!

Things Single Girls Hate Hearing

Ugh, this must be so hard for you.

Girl, I’m single, not dying of an incurable disease.

Things Single Girls Hate Hearing

Everything happens for a reason. 

I mean, I believe this one for most things in life but I’m soooooooooooo sick of hearing it. Yes, I know. now.please.stop.saying.it.to.me.

Things Single Girls Hate Hearing

I can’t believe you’re still single, you’re so awesome and beautiful and wonderful!

I tell myself this one all the time, so I don’t mind this one. #ProbablyWhyI’mSingle

Things Single Girls Hate Hearing

Do you have any to add?

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  1. Amy says:

    Omgeee, these are accurate and should not be asked or repeated, seriously! I lol’d so thanks for this:)

  2. Torry says:

    I felt the same way about online dating – I went on SO many awful dates but then I met my fiancé.

    I have been reading your blog for awhile and while I am an advocate for online dating I don’t think you should do it again ((if you want)) until you decide where you REALLY want to live as you could meet someone really great and then be “stuck” in Green Bay…..being from Chicago I’m sorry for this location 😛

    • Jessie says:

      YES. I’m totally with you on the location thing! I do think that’s one reason that I haven’t been very open to meeting guys from here, because I don’t want to stay here! Unless it’s a Green Bay Packer … I’d hunker down for that. 😉 (hehehehe)

  3. Jessie @ The Acquired Sass says:

    So, not single over here, but I do push online dating on everyone. Guilty as charged. Probably because me & like 5 close friends all met people online. And are now either married or on that path.

    But I have to say, now that I’m not single. I still just get the “Why aren’t you engaged yet, you’re so wonderful, smart, funny, brilliant, good looking, doesn’t he want to lock that down?”

    Somehow I think it never ends.

    • Jessie says:

      Haha, yes girl! When I was with my ex (we were together for four years) we got that question all.the.time. According to my engaged friends, then it’s “when’s the wedding?” and then once married, “when’s the baby coming?” So I guess the cycle never ends!

      As for online dating, I did meet some cool guys … just unfortunately met a lot more shitty ones. I think once I move out of here, I’ll probably do online dating again. The pool is very shallow here (in more ways than one …) and I’m over it. But if I was in Chicago or Cali or wherever I move, I’d be more open to it again!

  4. Mindy says:

    YES! All of this. From the grandparent age crowd, I also love the “who will provide for/take care of you when you get older?” Um, hi. I WILL. I’ve done a pretty damn good job thus far.

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