Weekend Recap: Coffee, Work, More Coffee

Good morning! I hope you’re having a better Monday than me – I have walked around half the day with my bright pink underwear shining straight through my dress! Snapchat heard all about it – ohhhhh, Monday.

This weekend went by slowly, yet quickly. Slowly meaning, I felt like I had to wait HOURS in between meals (I was hungry all weekend) but quickly because now I’m in the most dreaded week of the year for me in my job. BOO. So let’s go back to the weekend, shall we?

Friday was my last half day of the summer, so I took full advantage. I ran a ton of errands, made myself lunch and filmed a video (which I later re-filmed …)

Weekend Recap

Saturday I spent the morning cleaning up a bit, having some coffee and watching some YouTube videos. My sister was at work, so I had the morning in the apartment to myself. Around 1 I headed to Starbucks to get some work done for my social media clients.

Weekend Recap

3.5 hours later …

It took forever – this new freelance job is turning out to be a beast! I’m hoping that once I really get to know the clients, it won’t take as long. Plus the afternoon FLEW by and I even forgot to eat (that never happens) because I was having so much fun researching clients and getting them all set up.

I was supposed to study for NASM, but my brain was shot and I had a killer headache. I was also extremely dizzy all night (and all day Sunday) so that didn’t help either. I ran to the grocery store to pick up something I needed for dinner and then headed back home.

Sunday I got up and relaxed with a little bit of coffee.

Weekend Recap

I didn’t do too much on Sunday. I was still feeling super dizzy, so I watched a ton of YouTube videos, did some cleaning and went grocery shopping. Oh, and meal prep.

Weekend Recap

Oh, and why yes. I am wearing the same shirt all weekend. No judging.

You’ll also (maybe) notice I had make-up on – that’s because I decided to re-film my YouTube video that I’m going to try to edit today. And then I spent the evening trying to hype myself up about this week at work … by looking at pictures of myself in Hawaii. 😉

Weekend Recap

I don’t know why I dread this week every year, but I do. Maybe because it’s a project I shouldn’t be doing (welcome to the work world, Jessie). Maybe it’s because it takes time and effort away from my normal events. Maybe it’s because volunteer management is difficult. Maybe it’s because I don’t get paid enough to do all this extra crap. Who knows? 😉 Anyways, it’ll be done at 1 p.m. on Thursday. One. P. M. THURSDAY – please be here now. And I took the whole day off on Friday … I’m so excited.

This morning I worked out (shocker) and lost a little bit of weight for my check-in, so I’m feeling great. Although I did spend a little too much time critiquing the way my legs look this morning. Ohhhhh, Jessie.

Weekend Recap

And then I got all dressed up in my pretty pink dress because I have to wear a stupid volunteer t-shirt all week, but then a lady at the store told me she could see right through it. Sooooo, that’s my Monday. 😉

How was your weekend?

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  1. Megan says:

    Oh no, I’m sorry your Monday started out crummy! BUT.. you’re one day closer to Thursday now! 🙂 I definitely feel ya on not getting paid enough to do certain things. Hopefully everything goes smoothly for you & good idea on taking a vacation day on Friday.

    • Jessie says:

      It’s all good! Just a super crazy day! And you’re right … so much closer to Thursday at like … 3 p.m. I’ll be feeling much better.

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