Catch-up + Tutu Tuesday + Weekend Recap

Hey! I’m alive! Sort of. I’m currently sitting on my couch at home after a crazy night of either food poisoning or my stomach just trying to rip itself out of my body. That’s still TBD. So with that, I figured I’d catch you up! Unless you follow me on Snapchat (ahem … justjessie23) – then you’d already know most of this stuff. 🙂

So we’ll start back on Thursday. I headed out of the office around 10 a.m., stopped for some lunch in Manitowoc and then kept on driving through to Chicago (that’s a lie – I probably stopped three more times to go to the bathroom). Once I finally got into Chicago (first time driving in the city by myself – woohoo!), I got to my hotel which ended up being a nightmare. Basically it was super old and nasty, but I survived.

Weekend Recap

At least it had good lighting? ^^ 😉

I was able to walk to my event from the hotel (the whole reason I booked one downtown instead of outside of the city) and we had a pretty good turnout! Plus, I got to talk to a few of my friends in the area (shoutout to Laura for sticking by me the whole night) and the event was over in no time.

Weekend Recap

After my event, I hurried back to my hotel to change my shoes and hit the road to meet up with Marette at Mercadito. SO GOOD. We both had tacos and a watermelon margarita and I want to go back right now.

Mercadito Chicago

I don’t want to talk about the fact that I got so lost getting there that I started panicking, so finally gave up and hailed a cab. #NotAChicagoGirlYet And Marette and I also realized after we got in our separate vehicles that we didn’t take a picture together and we’re horrible bloggers. But it was fun and I can’t wait to see her again soon!

I got back to the hotel around 10 p.m. and headed BACK out to meet up with Ben. He and I first started following each other on Instagram forever ago, then it went to Snapchat … so we already knew everything about each other. We had a drink at Broken Shaker, which was a really awesome little place (thankfully just down the street so I didn’t get lost). We kind of got lost in conversation and all of a sudden it was 12:30 a.m. Whoops! And I didn’t take any pictures because … I didn’t?

Friday morning I slept in a *tiny* bit before heading south to Orland Park to meet up with a friend/parent that is going to be hosting one of my big events in November at Crystal Tree Country Club. Beautiful! After meeting there and getting all of the logistics of my event figured out, I headed back out to drive back to Green Bay.

weekend recap

I obviously stopped in Milwaukee at Trader Joe’s like I always do for some goodies.

Weekend Recap

I mostly just go for the flowers.

The rest of the night I spent getting some work done, unpacking, going to Chili’s and eating my body weight in chips and salsa …

Saturday ended up being a SUPER lazy day. I did go to the gym to do some lower body because I wasn’t able to go on Friday (my whole week got screwed up) so I did that.

Weekend Recap

And then I got s’mores custard …

Weekend Recap

And the “I blame you for this” is to Ben because he’s constantly putting up ice cream on his snap story and I forgot to save the pic before I sent it to him with the caption. But it was good! And then the rest of the night I laid on the couch and didn’t do anything.

Sunday started out kind of late, but I headed in to the gym to get in my Monday’s upper body workout because I knew the gym would be closed for Labor Day.

Weekend Recap

I really hope my next program has a harder upper body split in it because I just don’t feel like I’m getting a ton from this, mostly due to my injuries.

And then I had 40-minutes of steady state cardio, so I took a long walk.

Weekend Recap

The rest of the day was really fun. I actually met up with my friend Kelly (@dimplesandeadlifts on Instagram!) at Starbucks to get some work done. Well, we didn’t really get anything done but we had TONS of chatting time and were at SB for almost four hours! We then headed over to Vintage Cantina for more tacos (it was a taco weekend for me, apparently) and then home for the night.

And, well, because I slacked off all weekend, Monday ended up being pretty stressful for me. It’s still taking me quite a while to write these social media posts for my new clients, so between 12-7 p.m, I was working on that.

Weekend Recap

I did take a short break to watch my coach do a live stream on standards, though!

Weekend Recap

And then I came home, continued to work and then watched some YouTube, until about 9 p.m. when my stomach started going wild and I was up almost all night. So now I’m home today. I am finally starting to eat and I’m starving, but I’m trying to slow it down. So that was my weekend! Linking up with Tutu Tuesday!

How was your Labor Day weekend?


  1. Amy says:

    Your wknd sounded really cool+busy+fun+hectic! I had a really nice low key wknd around home, deck-time, beverages+farmers mkt clean eating+wkouts+some shopping:) Feeling refreshed but would say yes to 3 day wknds every week! Glad you feel better:)

  2. Amy says:

    Your wknd sounded really cool+busy+fun+hectic! I had a really nice low key wknd around home with my hubs-lol, had a massage appt + deck-time, beverages+farmers mkt clean eating+wkouts+some shopping:) Feeling refreshed but would say yes to 3 day wknds every week! Glad you feel better:)

  3. Megan says:

    Sounds like an awesome weekend! I was too terrified to drive in Chicago when we were there in June! Wayyyy too many cars, lanes, exits, etc. I was a nervous wreck just being a passenger so way to go for getting through the city! That’s awesome that you got to meet a fellow blogger too! 🙂 And fellow IG-ers too! I’m sorry about the food poisoning/weird stomach issues. 🙁 But good that you’re feeling a little better now!
    Megan recently posted…weekending on a tuesdayMy Profile

    • Jessie says:

      It’s so scary! I’m usually a nervous passenger, too. Thankfully, I just had to get to my hotel which was on Ohio … which is basically the easiest street in Chicago haha. And then I paid the extra $5 for valet parking 🙂

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