Weekend Recap: The Calm Before the Storm

Good morning, friends! And welcome to Monday.

Since I had an event last week, I’ll start my post with Thursday. Around 8 a.m. on Thursday, my supervisor and I set off on the 4.5 hour trek to Minneapolis for my event. This event was sponsored by the Brave New Workshop, an alumni-owned theater in the city. They always do such a wonderful job with decorating and treat us so well!

A Brave New Workshop

A Brave New Workshop

The event ended up going pretty late, but I was able to catch up with a few of my favorite friends/alumni in the area! Afterwards, we headed over to Crave to eat (FINALLY) and then back to the hotel.

Crave Pasta - Minneapolis

We got up bright and early on Friday to head back to Green Bay. Super quick trip, unfortunately. We pulled into the college, unloaded the truck and I immediately left to go home. Once home, I did a few of my event wrap-up things from my couch and then took a 2.5 hour nap. Traveling + events make you TIRED, let me tell you. I ended up going to the gym later that night and then hanging out on the couch for the rest of the night.

On Saturday I got up, did some stuff around the apartment, worked a little from my couch and then had a call with my coach at 1. After my call, I headed to Starbucks for a few hours to get the rest of my client work done for the week.

Same pic, different day

After working, my sister and I headed to Pink at the mall to take advantage of the panty (I hate that word!) sale. There were SO many people out, so we ended up just getting in and out of the store before heading back home. I ended up going back into the gym around 7 and lounged in the hot tub and steam room before talking with my friend Dani at the front desk for 1.5 hours. I love when I get some chat-time with friends!

Once I got back home, I watched some YouTube videos, chatted on the phone and then headed to bed *late* (which for me means 1 a.m. – I’m too old for this).

Sunday ended up being a mostly work day. I worked a bit from the couch while watching YouTube videos, did my laundry and then headed into Starbucks with my sister and my friend Gina. The rest of the day was spent running errands, going to the gym and watching YouTube. I really should’ve gotten a head start on my social media work or … you know, packed … but I didn’t. =/

This is my last crazy week for work thankfully, but I’m excited for it! Today is nutso. Open the gym 4:45-7:45, run errands for my full-time job, GO to my full-time job and get everything ready, lunch with a coworker and a dentist appointment at 2:30. Then I need to pack for six days in Illinois once I’m home tonight. Mind you, that’s workout clothes + regular clothes + event clothes for two of those days. I hate packing. Any tips? I’d like to go to the gym to workout at some point, but that just might not happen today!

Tomorrow we head out on the road to Chicago at 8:30 a.m. and have a private event that night. We’re staying out in Bloomingdale (which is ridiculous) and then have events Wednesday in Lincolnshire and Thursday in Orland Park. Friday I have a lunch meeting in Lincoln Park with three of my board members and then I’m staying for the weekend – woooooo. It’s going to be the craziest week, but probably the most fun. Friday I think we’re going to the light festival or something, then dinner. Saturday is a little bit of work in the morning and then a hockey game at night. Sunday I’ll be on my way back to Milwaukee for my sister to pick me up at the train station. And I took Monday off. See, now I don’t even need to write my weekend recap next week because you already know what I’m doing. 😉

I’m ready to spend the week in Illinois! Even though it’s for work, I have such a great time each time I’m there. It’ll be permanent soon!

How was your weekend?
Any big plans before the Thanksgiving craziness starts next week?

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    • Jessie says:

      Ahhh! I meant to text you yesterday, but I totally spaced! I’m staying in Bloomingdale for work and I don’t have a car. 🙁 But Saturday morning I’ll be somewhere near the city (haha) and planning to do some work at a Starbucks near Ben’s apartment! Let me get more info from him and I’ll text you. Basically I’m car-less and staying far out of the city, so I don’t want to make you drive out that far!

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