Friday Favorites (because I miss ya’ll)

Oh hey! This blogging thing, huh. It’s been hard. I’ll get back into it, I promise. Just gimme some time here. I’m still getting accustomed to traffic, living out of suitcases and plastic bags with my boyfriend, having a new job at a gigantic corporation and living in Chicago.

NBD, right? 🙂

So anyways, I figured it’d be fun to do a Friday Favorites post since I’m a little slow this morning and can write up a few things.

My first favorite would be this song – it’s actually Skrillex’s old band, I think? I should probably look that stuff up before I tell ya’ll that, but it’s a good song.

Make War

I’ve been listening to a lot of music lately between working out at lunch and driving 2+ hours a day. If you have any recommendations, let me know. OR audio books – I need to get into that.

Speaking of working out, that would be my second favorite even though you could never tell that by looking at my happy face. 

Working Out

The company I work for has a full-service gym that we can pay $13/paycheck for, so I just signed up for that after a 3-day trial. The stuff is super old, but a weight is a weight, so it’s working out. I’m going to have Ben write me a program (hopefully soooooon) so I can get back to business, but in the meantime I’ve just been working out for the fun of it. I love working out at lunch, but then I have to be pretty rushed about it. It’s a nice way to break up the day, though!

Randomly, my third favorite is this meme that Ben sent to me this morning …

Getting Ready

Isn’t that the truth?! I’ve been sucking at doing my hair lately, which is NOT normal for me. I haven’t been getting enough sleep, so the thought of waking up a few minutes early to do my hair is ridiculous. Messy buns it is … I’ll just dress up everywhere else so maybe people won’t notice. (Actually most people work from home on Fridays, so it’s pretty slow here today.)

And speaking of Ben, he’s my fourth favorite … or my favoritest favorite, if you will.

Pavilion Bar

I snagged a good one. 🙂

I’ve been all over the place the last month between moving, living out of bags at his apartment, figuring out traffic after living in a ho-dunk town, figuring out how to be IN a relationship instead of single … It’s been an interesting month, but still one of the best I’ve ever had because of this guy. I’m very lucky.


Fifth favorite would beeeee coffee. 

Skinny Vanilla Latte

I’ve actually been pretty good about not getting SB, but it has been a bit more than normal this week. Once I’m in my own space, I’ll be able to make my own coffee in the morning but for now, 1-2 coffees per week from SB is okay, right? Even if they are $5 a pop?

That’s my favorites for the day! I’m hopefully getting the code to my apartment today (there’s a code on the door instead of a key, so that’ll be nice), but I might have to wait until tomorrow. They’re fixing up the place (the last tenant destroyed it) so I’m fine with it taking a bit longer as long as it looks nice. I can’t move until next weekend anyway, so I’m in no crazy rush.

My weekend consists of two hockey games (woo, Ben!), babysitting a pup (I’M SO EXCITED), the Packer game (NERVES) and lotsaaaaa sleeps. What do you have in store this weekend? What are a few of your favorites this week? Any recommendations for songs or books on Audible?

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  1. Megan says:

    Oh man, I feel you on commuting! We used to live on the opposite end of town from my office & it would take me a good hour to get home in the evenings. It seriously sucked the life out of me, haha. I’m not big into audiobooks but do you have Spotify? They have some good playlists to listen to! That’s so nice that your office has a gym! I’m jealous that you can get your workout in over lunch!
    Megan recently posted…Empties #1My Profile

    • Jessie says:

      I don’t have Spotify, but I might have to try it out! Yeah, it works out well. It’s not a super nice gym, but I need to get over that. 😉

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