A birthday in transition …

Good morning! It’s officially NOT my birthday (unlike yesterday) and we’re back to “real life” – aka I’m not getting a bunch of sweet texts about my birthday anymore. 😉

If I’m being completely honest, yesterday was hard for me. This month has been all over the place for me emotionally (and physically, let’s be real) so I’ve been up and down for a few weeks. Starting a new job, living out of a suitcase for 3+ weeks (still currently living out of a suitcase, really), figuring out traffic, getting used to living with my boyfriend, then having to move out. Parallel parking … 😉

I’m usually a complete birthday diva, putting together a party with as many of my friends as possible. Last year I went to Chicago with my friend Julie (how funny that I am living here now …) and the years prior I always had parties with as many of my friends as possible. I’m an extrovert, so I love having people around me, ESPECIALLY on my birthday. This month I just couldn’t seem to be excited for the day, though. Not so much because of the age, but more because I feel very unsettled. With the move and trying to get my feet planted here, it’s been a struggle. With that said, it was still a pretty great 29th birthday!

The morning started off rough – I have not been sleeping enough basically since I moved to Chicago, so I was pretty sleepy plus super crabby that I had to work. Work was okay – a pretty slow day and I don’t know many people. I took myself to Chipotle lunch, then got through my afternoon of meetings. After work, I made a quick Target run and then drove back to the city. I chatted with my friend Lindsay for a good hour, so that definitely helped brighten up my mood PLUS seeing all of the texts, FB and Instagram messages.

Ben ended up getting done with work early and made me promise not to go to my apartment without him, so my mind was racing. If you remember, I basically closed the door on Saturday night with everything thrown all over the place in my apartment and haven’t touched it since. We walked over there last night and he had organized the boxes the best he could, plus put together my bed frame and my whole living room. I cried.

Living Room

Ben’s got a weird schedule because of training (usually early mornings, then late nights with afternoons off) so he spent his day putting together my apartment. Like … I can’t. And then he decided that wasn’t enough and got me a bag I’ve been eyeing for MONTHS and showed him in Charleson, but refused to buy it for myself because of the price.

Lululemon Bag

I literally laid down on my bed and stopped talking because I couldn’t handle all the emotions I was feeling. Poor guy. 😉

After I got over my love paralysis (eew, I know, who am I), we went back to his place and then watched Dexter and Parks & Rec. No better way to end my 29th birthday, in my opinion.

Since it’s still January and I’m officially in my 29th year, I figured what better time than to voice a few goals and reflections:

  1. Get back into a routine with working out, meal prep, laundry … just life. I think I’ll feel a lot more settled that way.
  2. Find a way daily to work on me. Being in a new relationship tends to bring out many old demons. Strengthening my confidence in myself, my worth in myself and knowing what I deserve is something I need to work on.
  3. Save some moola. These $5.50 SB drinks stop today (mostly because I’ll be setting up my coffee pot tonight – YUSSSSS)
  4. Make connections in the city. Expanding my professional network is important for my future goals.
  5. Focus on things I’m passionate about. I love blogging. Love YouTube. Guess what I haven’t been doing lately? Either of those things. I need to start to focus on the things that make me tick.
  6. Strengthen friendships. I have a lot of friends/acquaintances in the city which is a big reason I moved here. I want to continue to grow those friendships, since I’ve missed that the last few years living in Green Bay.
  7. Find a way to make travel more of a priority. Travel is not only fun, it awakens my mind and my heart. While this doesn’t go along with #3 so much, I want to be sure I make this a priority.

There’s probably more, but we’ll go with those for now. Birthdays always bring a feeling of a fresh start for me and I’m excited to see what this year has in store for me. I mean, I’m not quite sure how these last few months of my 28th year could be topped, but you never know!

Are you a birthday person or do you prefer low-key?


  1. Katie says:

    I put a lot of thought into my birthday, but i’m not about the big events. So last year I invited my girlfriends to brunch, and then had dinner with my family, with a run in between. This year I’m debating between running a race the day before, and just staying in the cities all weekend.
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    • Jessie says:

      That sounds like so much fun! I think part of my issue is that I didn’t plan anything. Ben did such a wonderful job for me and I’m so appreciative to him, but I would’ve liked to put a little more thought into it myself. Only because I enjoy taking care of myself and I have not been for the last month!

  2. Liz says:

    Hey, if you guys want to come back to Charleston, I’m here now! We’re 20 minutes outside of the city, but a free place to stay 🙂 We have an extra room for a reason! Haha. I never set goals for my birthday. I typically try to get close friends together, but I think I’m done with birthdays now. 31 seems too old so I’m just going to pretend my birthdays aren’t happening anymore!
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  3. Mallory Layfield says:

    Oh man, moving makes everything SO stressful! I’m sorry that put a damper on your birthday! 1000 boyfriend points to Ben though for the apartment setup and that bag! I hope the rest of your bday week is super awesome!

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