Weekend Recap: So.Much.Food.

Chicago is amazing. Wonderful views … hustle & bustle … GREAT FOOD. How do people not get fat here? I’m in trouble …

Friday started out a bit rough for me, but ended up lightening up toward the end. Work was pretty boring, so it seemed to drag on and on. I did talk myself into doing a shoulder/bi/tri workout for about 40-minutes and then stopped at Panda Express by our cafeteria for a very healthy meal. πŸ˜‰

Panda Express

Workout to work attire

I finally ended up leaving a bit early (around 3) to try to get away from some of the Friday night traffic that always starts in the city … it didn’t work. Traffic was crazy and it took me well over an hour to get home. The last 20 minutes of the drive (aka parking lot on the highway, really) was so incredibly painful because I had to go to the bathroom – THE WORST. I finally got home and logged on from Ben’s apartment (I still don’t have internet) for the last hour of work. I was in the worst mood, so at 5, I logged off and got a call from my lovely friend Saige – the absolute BEST timing. I walked home from Ben’s and chatted with her for over an hour. She always makes me feel so much better!

After my chat with Saige, I walked back over to Ben’s for drinks and hanging out with friends. We headed out to EatalyΒ to walk around and get dinner. It’s a really interesting setup. Basically you can get a bottle of wine or beer and walk around this huge grocery store/restaurant area. Ben and I shared a bottle of white wine and then sat down with our friends for a late dinner at one of the little restaurants.

Eataly Chicago

The table shared oysters, which were okay. I’ve had oysters once before, but I don’t love them. They’re kinda boring. Plus, I like to chew and enjoy my food. πŸ˜‰

Eataly Chicago

I got a spicy pasta dish (no pics SORRY) that was delicious, and then we headed over to Shake Shack for everyone except Lactose Intolerance girl (MEEE) to get a shake. I did try a bit of Ben’s though … shhhh.

Saturday morning Ben left for work and I ended up sleeping in a few more hours.

Saturday Morning

I did get up and moving, then met him at his gym around 12:30 to workout with him. He was helping me get my deadlift form down and I already lifted 155#, which means I’ve already hit one of my February goals. πŸ™‚

Ben Fritz Fitness

After that, we headed back to our apartments, ate and showered quickly and then headed out to Starbucks to work on some goals together. I’m looking to figure some things out this year financially and professionally and since Ben owns his own business, he’s very smart and passionate when it comes to that kind of stuff. I left feeling energized and excited to get going!

We had plans to meet with another couple (Ben’s clients/friends) for dinner and drinks downtown. They lived in a GORGEOUS high rise that was completely apartment #goals for me someday. We had so much fun!


After all the fun of last night (tequila, why you gotta be so rude) we both woke up not feeling the best this morning. We finally made it out to Whisk for a late brunch and it was amazing! For any of you Parks & Rec fans out there, this bar has a Ron Swanson decor theme and it was hilarious!

Whisk Chicago

I got Buffalo Chicken Hash and Ben and I shared a half order of Oreo Raspberry Pancakes. Oh. Kay.

Whisk Chicago

Whisk Chicago

Once we rolled ourselves out of Whisk, we drove out to the suburbs to watch the Superbowl with Ben’s family. Ben, one of his sister’s and I headed over to Starbucks (where I’m currently writing this …) to get some work done before hanging out on their couch for the night. Of COURSE the Patriots won, but I will say (even though I hate them …) it was cool to watch such an exciting ending. And Tom Brady is pretty fantastic, I’ll give them that. I’m just sick of them winning all the timeeeeee.

We drove back to my apartment late and went to sleep. I had a ton of trouble sleeping so this morning has been rough! I have a lot on my mind – lots of goals that I want to push towards. Plus, honestly, Mondays are hard knowing I have to go back to the commute. I still think it’s worth it, but I will not complain once they start letting me work-from-home once a week and I can then take two days off my 5-day commute!

How was your weekend?
What do you do when you have trouble sleeping?

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  1. Katie says:

    I try to really pump up the water intake. Last week I was not sleeping great, i fell asleep hard, but i was half awake/groggy when my alarm went off. You will get a routine and it will be good, keep it up girl!
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