Workout Wednesday: Week 1

It’s Wednesday – woohoo! I want to keep you up-to-date on my progress thus far for my program with Ben.

Workout Wednesday

I tracked my macros every day last week except Friday night when we went out for pizza with some friends. Ben ended up bumping up my calories on Saturday because I was already hungry. Whoops.

I got in two upper body days, an abs day and one lower body day (+ 2 HIIT cardio sessions) this week. We were supposed to lift legs on Saturday, but Benjamin was sick and since I use him for his gym train with him on the weekends, we had to cancel!

How it’s going:
I loved it. I loved having a routine back, fitting together the puzzle that is IIFYM and having a set workout program. I’m excited to be back in it!

I actually wasn’t expecting much progress this week, but my body dropped over 3 lbs! Now, that’s not sustainable, but my body tends to drop a few pounds right away as soon as I’m consistent, and then it slows down after that.

How do you stay healthy?
What do you do to stay on track?


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