Workout Wednesday: Week 2

So, I gained weight this week. BOO. Which is understandable if you read my post from this weekend where I went completely off my macros for the entire weekend basically …

Workout Wednesday

Like I said above, my macros weren’t spot on this week, though I did well during the week. Ben did up my calories this week, but I doubt that’s why I gained weight. I’m going to guess the alcohol, restaurant trips and cake might have done that. 😉

I did all but one. Last Friday I was approved to work-from-home but since Ben has to be with me when I workout at his gym, he wasn’t available on Friday. WE BLAME HIM! 🙂 My workout with him Saturday was frustrating because my lower back is killing me. Hopefully that goes away – I just sit WAY too much between my job and my commute.

How it’s going:
It’s going well, minus the little bumps I told you about above. We’ll get there!

I gained 1 lb back this week, but I did go up to 175 in deadlifts (which I just realized now looking at the above photo … I added two more 10#plates instead of 5# – whoops) I’m not really seeing any changes in my body yet, but it’s been two weeks where I’ve been back on track so I’m not surprised.

What have you done to move your body this week?


  1. Liz says:

    Maybe you gained a pound of muscle from lifting heavier 😉 I wish I could gain weight but it’s so dang hard! We have the opposite problem! Can you get a membership where Ben works? I’m not usually a fan of workout posts like this, but I like how you do it. I actually like reading this one. Maybe because it’s broken down and not super wordy (which is my downfall- I ramble on FOREEVVERRR).
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    • Jessie says:

      Haha we’ll go with that. 😉 Oh man! I’ve never had that problem (the not being able to gain weight one) but I know that affects a lot of people. So Ben’s gym is really for personal trainers only. He pays a “rent” for his space for the year so his clients don’t pay. It’s not a “normal” gym meaning you can’t just get a normal membership. After awhile, I’ll probably be able to go there on my own once the owners know me. I had thought about getting a second gym membership closer to my apartment, but we’re going to try this out for now. Just kinda messes with Ben’s schedule. Glad you liked it! I’m normally rambling (as you can tell by this response LOL) but I tried to keep it short and sweet in the post.

  2. G says:

    Good job on upping your weights!!! I’ve been lifting weights consistantly since October, but I’m still under 100 pounds for everything :(… I’m still sore after every workout, so I haven’t been increasing, but maybe I’ll try 5-10 pounds tomorow morning haha

    • Jessie says:

      Thanks!! Definitely start to up it jusssst a tiny bit. I bet you’ll be surprised what you can do! I accidentally added 20# one day instead of 10# and I was able to do it. Just didn’t realize it until later!

  3. Katie says:

    i had just enough time before a date this week to get a 30 minute walk. i got reenforcement that i really do need to move on my lunch break. I feel so much better at the end of the day if I’ve gotten midday movement.
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