JORD Watches for Men

I was lucky enough to win Marette’s contest on her blog with JORD Watches last month. Since it was close to Valentine’s Day, I used the gift code I won to buy Ben a watch.

I loved the women’s watches, but Ben only has a “workout” watch, so I thought it’d be fun to buy him a nice one that he could wear casually (or really dressed up, though the man is rarely out of workout clothes so …)

The packaging itself is gorgeous, don’t you think?

Jord Watches for Men

Ben picked out the Delmar Dark Sandalwood and Blue Carbon watch.

JORD watches for men

He loves it and I think it’s a gorgeous (in a manly way, of course). It’s different than most watches you’ll find, plus most of them are affordable, especially compared to super high-end brands.

JORD Watches for Men

Can’t wait to get one for myself soon! 🙂

Are you a watch-wearer?
Have you heard of JORD watches?


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