Gymshark Flex Leggings Review

Okay, if you’re into the YouTube or Instagram fitness culture at all, you’ve probably heard of Gymshark. If you aren’t, well … you’ve probably heard me talk about Gymshark. 😉

Their Flex leggings are now my most favorite workout pants that I own! Here’s a few reasons why:

Price: $38 + free shipping

Let’s start with the most important question first – price. I’ve now bought three pairs of the Flex Leggings (and one of the seamless leggings). And I’ll be honest … before I bought these, the most I’ve ever spent on workout clothes was $16 so $38 seemed expensive. Next to Lulu $100+ leggings, $38 is a steal! Don’t get me wrong, I want to get some Lulu’s someday, but these are my “I can afford more than $16 TJ Maxx leggings, butttttt mama’s gotta eat so can’t have Lulu yet.”

Squat Proof: Yes

I have a booty, in case you haven’t noticed. So issues with pants being squat proof arise all.the.time. These pants are amazingly squat proof. I think the lighter ones might be a tiny bit more sheer than the other colors, but I’ve still worn them on leg day and have never been self-conscious.

Sweat Proof: Yes

Okay, so I haven’t noticed any sweat marks or issues like that, HOWEVER it’s still kinda cool outside here so I haven’t been in 90+ degree humidity yet. But so far, so good!

Fit: Awesome-sauce

I was worried that the pants wouldn’t fit me the best since they’re not technically high-waisted and I hold a lot of bloat in my stomach all the time. Since my pants aren’t overly tight, I pull them up to be pretty high-waisted which makes me feel pretty comfortable. I will say because I’m super short, the full-length pant is a little long, but I don’t mind that they scrunch on the bottom. That’s good for you tall ladies, though!

Also, the booty contouring? Da best.

Comfort: Amazing, except when I’m bloated

This is not the pants fault ^^ Since I struggle with food intolerances and I’m still working through some eating issues, my stomach is bloated quite a bit. The pants are SUPER comfortable and flattering, but they do dig into my stomach a bit when it’s bloated. When it’s not, we’re all good! Or I just pull them up as high as I can so it contains the bloat. 😉

*P.S. This is obviously not sponsored, though I’d probably hysterically cry if Gymshark ever sponsored me. 🙂 Just a true fan!

What is your favorite workout outfit?


  1. Torry says:

    I have some lulus and I have to say there are days that I love my $16 dollar TJ Maxx finds more then my lulus…..

  2. Marette Flora says:

    I have the blue ones and I love them! I wish I would have read the care instructions though because I washed them with a shirt and the blue dye came off a bit on the tee. I love the other colors, too! I will probably get another pair after summer.

    • Jessie says:

      They’re high waisted on me, but I’m pretty short! Their Seamless Leggings (which are awesome) are super high waisted!

  3. Jessica says:

    May I ask what size you’re wearing and your measurements? I’m trying to decide between a small and medium due to my larger hips. For reference, my waist is 27″ hips 39″. 🙂

    • Jessie says:

      Hmm, hmm… I actually don’t take my measurements… For comparison, I have a pretty larger booty and sit at 134 lbs right now, but I fit into the small. My stomach is a little bloaty right now, so they don’t fit super comfortably.

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