Weekend Recap: A weekend HOME (sorta)

Hey y’all! How was your weekend? Do anything fun? Let me know in the comments!

My weekend was really great – we finally didn’t go out *too much* – meaning we stayed in the Chicago-area. 🤔  I never knew I’d become such a homebody, but after weeks of not having time to breathe on weekends unless Ben or I is sick, I really need some time off!

So Friday after work I took the train home and went to Ben’s apartment. His roommate is in Mexico for a birthday, so she won’t be home until Tuesday, meaning we can stay at his apartment instead of my tiny one. 😃

We hung out a bit, but I was in a super exhausted mood. I ate, then we walked to Ben’s friend’s apartment and hung out with a few people for the night. I was so tired, but it was still a fun time.

Saturday Ben got up for work and I got up a few minutes after he left to get Cora ready to take to the vet. Oh, and I’ve started meditating using the app Headspace and I love it! I’ll probably do a dedicated post soon, but I’m on day 5 (Sunday as I’m writing this) and I love it.

Our vet is out in the ‘burbs, so it was a good 4-hour morning between the drive and the appointment, but it’s worth it. The vet is WAY less expensive than the ones in the city, plus they’re so kind and helpful, especially since Cora has quite the sensitive stomach and is sick basically ALL the time.

Ben got home around 2 pm after work and our little family hung out for awhile, looking at trips (we’ve caught the travel bug like WHOA) and just hanging out together. Cora was sleepy from her shots, so we took advantage of that. Around 6, we hopped in a Lyft to Tuco & Blondie – one of my faves here in the city. I don’t know that I *deserved* a treat meal since I only worked out once this week (lollll) but it was so nice out so who cares if it was deserved or not!

Weekend Recap Weekend RecapAfter dinner we stopped at Jeni’s and got a little treat. (Fun fact: we were supposed to go to an Incubus concert that we bought on Groupon AGES ago, but couldn’t imagine sitting in the car in traffic to get there … #cityproblems Thankfully the tickets were only $20!)

Once home, we hung out with the pup and … BOOKED A TRIP! 🌴

As you might know, we’re going to San Diego/Laguna Beach at the end of August but we actually already booked our SECOND trip to Riviera Maya at an all-inclusive for November and I’m SO DAMN EXCITED. I love that Ben and I are able to travel – it’s always been a dream of mine. I’ll write a post this week, letting you know more about our trips! 🤗

Sunday we woke up with Cora and I got in some meditation, then Ben got in some yoga. Much needed zen start to the morning. Unfortunately I had quite a bad headache, so I was trying to push through with that. We both sat on the couch and got some work done before heading out to the suburbs to hang out with Ben’s family.

Weekend RecapWe spent the afternoon with them before heading back to the city. We spent the night making dinner and getting ready for Monday. How did you spend your weekend?


  1. karlee says:

    I’m so jealous of your trips, but also excited for you! Those will be awesome. I would love to see a post on how you budget for trips. I live in MKE and based on the posts I’ve read I feel like I have similar student loan debt and also living in Chicago is even more expensive than good ‘ol WI so I would love to see an overview of your budgeting. Traveling is also a dream of mine but currently it just doesn’t seem financially responsible for me :/ maybe with the right planning it would be! Thanks!

    • Jessie says:

      That’s a wonderful idea! To be honest, I just made traveling a priority. I will say, it also helps that I get paid almost double what I was making when I lived in Milwaukee… so that helps as well. I’ll look into creating a post, though! Thanks for the idea 🙂

  2. Liz says:

    That’s so awesome about Riviera Maya! I’m really wanting a relaxing trip away, but I just can’t chill very well on vacation! I get WAY too excited and want to explore EEEEVVVERRRYTHING! Hopefully one of these days, Jon and I book a beach destination (like Indonesia, which is totally on my bucket list now!). Traveling is the best. I always am so grateful for the traveling that Jon and I (and me alone) get to do. I’m craving a chill weekend at home too, even though we just had one. I just want a ton of them!

    • Jessie says:

      I’m so excited!!! I’m with you on exploring haha… so we’ll see how this “sit all day with drinks” thing goes, but I think we’ll still have fun 😉 Traveling is so wonderful and I’m glad I’ve convinced Ben to make it more of a priority! So excited! Haha I’m with you! I was NOT wanting to leave to do anything this weekend. I have another chill weekend coming up and then it gets crazy again for the rest of August!

    • Jessie says:

      Yay, so excited! Yes you do! Let’s definitely set something up – I was actually going to text you this morning but then got distracted ha!

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