Weekend Recap: A sick pup

Hey friends! Can you believe it’s Monday already? I sure can’t… and I’d do just about anything for it to be Friday again. My colleague says Mercury in Retrograde is what’s killing me right now and I’ll just believe her since I have no other excuses.

Friday I worked remotely, so I woke up about five minutes prior to having to start work. I got some work done, then took Cora over to Ben’s place (soon to be OUR place) while my apartment was being shown. I went back to my apartment a little later to find it wide open – not locked or shut. I’m so ready to move out of this place! I did get to wear my new Nikki B t-shirt, so that worked out for me. 😀

Weekend Recap: A sick pup Weekend Recap: A sick pupWe left around 2 pm and I sat in the back of the car with Cora on the way to Ben’s grandparents. We stopped for a gross Panda Express and made it up to their place around 5 pm.

Weekend Recap: A sick pupWe pretty much headed straight to a local place for fish fry, then came back to play with Cora, who was hyper as EVER.

Saturday morning we got up and got in some boat time before the rest of Ben’s fam got there.

Weekend Recap: A sick pupUnfortunately Cora’s stomach started to bother her and, while still hyper, she started getting the pup poops again. Not good.

The rest of the day we spent with the family outside and ate some Lou Malnati’s deep dish for dinner that Ben brought in for the g-parents (which they loved!)

We watched a fun, old movie with the fam before going to bed with Cora. Unfortunately we didn’t get much sleep because she was up every few hours to be taken out to get sick. I feel so sorry for the babe.

Weekend Recap: A sick pupOn Sunday, Ben, Cora and I slept in quite a bit since none of us slept all night. Cora was super chill since she was pooped (both literally and figuratively lol) so we hung out with the family. We went and grabbed ice cream …

Weekend Recap: A sick pup… before having a late lunch of Portillo’s beef sandwiches that Ben’s mom brought in. It was a total Chicago weekend!

We left around 3 and I sat in the back with Cora again. She was so wiped out and stressed because she hates being in the car. We’re starting to think her sensitive stomach is actually from nerves of being in the car, which sucks because we plan to travel with her a bunch (including this upcoming weekend).

Weekend Recap: A sick pupOnce home, Ben and I ate, then hung out with the pup and put facemasks on (Ben loves his life with me HA) before heading to bed. Pretty chill, but fun weekend … minus the sick pup part.

Has anyone else had a pup that gets super sick from travel? Or stressed? Appreciate any feedback!


  1. Torry says:

    My neighbors used to give their dog Benadryl before car rides so then he would just sleep the whole time in the car.

  2. Liz says:

    It would make sense if her stomach is upset from nerves! Can you maybe get her some ativan? Or try the benadryl? I had to take my cat to the vet last week and holy shit, he was SO anxious! My other cat is so chill in the car. I think I’ll have to get some serious kitty xanax for our move to Charleston when I bring him here. But the rest of the weekend sounded fun! I wish we had more family time.
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  3. Megan says:

    Awww, poor pup! I can totally understand what you guys are going through right now though as our current foster dog has been having stomach issues thanks to his anxiety/stress. You could also try melatonin before you take her on a long trip to try to help her relax. Not sure on the dosing for that so you’ll have to check with the vet! Ben’s grandparents place looks so pretty! How awesome to live next to a lake where you can just chill on a boat, haha.
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    • Jessie says:

      Oh no! Poor foster pup 🙁 That’s a great idea on the melatonin! Our vet told us we could give her one 25 mg Benadryl before we leave to chill her out.

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